Friday, March 23, 2012

Liberal Progressive's Continued Racial Hypocrisy and Selective Moral Outrage

This week the news is filled with the sad and disturbing events surrounding the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.

My understanding of the events is that this is a clear cut case of either an overzealous/paranoid neighborhood watch guy or a mentally unstable person who VIOLATED the "stand your ground" part of the Florida gun laws by pursuing Trayvon after the 911 operator directly told him not to follow and to let the police handle the situation.
Hopefully the investigation will clear the air as there is a witness to the altercation.

If one is threatened with deadly force or crippling violence every one has a right to stand ones ground and defend your life by any means at your disposal.

Seeing someone you believe to be suspicious and following them and when a deadly confrontation ensues saying it is self-defense is AGAINST THE LAW - the state statue is CLEAR.

The police were negligent in their handling of the aftermath especially not immediately seizing Zimmerman's weapon and concealed carry permit if he had one.
This whole circumstance is a tragedy and should never have happened.

The story has however become overblown as the progressive media tries to make it fit their twisted narative.

We have the anti-gun groups and the typical race-baiters swarming Sanford all screaming about the "bad law", "banning guns", "the bad police", and "racial hatred" now being the focus using and manipulating emotions to cause "moral outrage" which has everything to do with their agenda and little to do with the death of a teenager.

The obvious non starter with the "stand your ground" law makes any anti-gun rhetoric a non-argument despite the fact that over 2.5 million private citizens are rescued/defended each year by their fellow gun toting patriots which the media refuses to acknowledge.

But the audacity of the the pot stirrers who rush to judgement and try to contextualize the situation to fit their own twisted agendas.

Try and insinuate that this is a "hate crime" is really stretching the narrative.

Despite so-called reports of racial slurs spoken during the 911 call all have been dispelled and disproven upon closer examination.
There is a witness that confirms the self-defense argument.

The "MORAL OUTRAGE" exhibited by these individuals and the progressive left in general is staggeringly HYPOCRITICAL.

The cries from the left about "white on black" crime or in this case "hispanic on black" crime knows no end always with a rush to judgement without any facts.

Here are some facts and statistics which are TOTALLY IGNORED by the progressive media, progressive politicans, and their useful idiots at large and while they are the older they demonstrate a different reality.

  • About 1 million Whites were murdered, robbed, assaulted, or raped by Blacks in 1992.
  • In the last 30 years, 170 million violent and nonviolent crimes were committed by Blacks against Whites in the U.S. 
  • Blacks under 18 are more than 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than Whites the same age.
  • Some 90% of the victims of race crimes are White.
  • Blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than Whites, although they comprise only one-seventh of the White population.
  • On a per-capita basis, Blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes than Whites.
  • Some 27 million nonviolent crimes were committed in the U.S. in 1992 alone 31% of the robberies involved Black offenders and White victims; only 2% involved White offenders and Black victims.
  • 58% of all arrests for weapons are Blacks.
  • 46% of all arrests for violent crimes are Black.
  • 73% of all "justified self-defense" killings are committed by Blacks.
  • 60.5% of all Blacks are armed with some type of weapon at all times.
  • 98% of all youth arrests for gun fights in Atlanta are Blacks.
  • Blacks commit 8 times more assaults than Whites.
  • Blacks commit 9 times more rapes than Whites.
  • Blacks commit 14 times more murders than Whites.
  • Blacks commit 19 times more armed robberies.
  • Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than White neighborhoods.
For sources go to:

Most recently the "flash mob" violence which spread across America was no doubt "racial" and almost complete ignored and covered up by the progressive media and their talking heads.


"Consider these incidents:
  • At the Wisconsin State fair, groups of black teens numbering anywhere from 25 to 100 “were targeting anyone who was white or appeared to look white,” and beating them, according to the local police chief. At least 18 people were injured, and 30 have been arrested.
  • In Denver, couples leaving restaurants were being attacked by a group of black men with baseball bats.
  • A young white man named Carter Strange had his skull fractured by a mob in South Carolina. He was attacked at random while jogging.
  • A young white man named Dawid Strucinski was beaten into a coma by a mob in Bayonne, NJ.
  • Anna TaylorEmily Guendelsberger, and Thomas Fitzgerald were beaten to the ground and stomped in separate Philadelphia flash mobs.
  • Every weekend in July,” according to local news, “police have battled large, flash-mob beatings and vandalism” in Greensboro, NC.
  • In a mostly-white suburb of Cleveland, witnesses reported large groups of young blacks walking through the streets, “shouting profanities and racial epithets,” and one man was viciously beaten while leaving a restaurant with his wife and friends.
  • A young white lady named Shaina Perry was taunted and beaten by a black mob in Milwaukee who remarked “Oh, white girl bleeds a lot.”


"The similarities among these attacks point to a trend: First of all, these are not run-of-the-mill crimes. They typically involve group attacks against defenseless, random victims who have no means to resist and did nothing to provoke their attackers. These flash mobs often stomp their victims even after they are down, as most of the news reports describe."“flash-mob”-racial-violence/

I personally believe most Americans are not thinking in racial terms but examining the content of ones character instead.
Of course there are extremists on both ends of the spectrum but today the race card is profusely used by those who have a political progressive agenda or are in the "race" business and profit from friction, animosity, divisiveness. 

The profound hypocrisy from the left which like on many other issues loves to pick and choose what fits their narrative instead of viewing the whole picture all the intention to divide the country.

The "flash mob" violence was racially motivated yet we heard little of nothing about it.
If it had been reversed and white teens were perpetrating this violence on the black community the cries and "moral outrage" from the progressives would have been massive and unrelenting.

What is now the real tragedy is the POLITICALIZATION of the event by those motivated by their own agendas.

GET OUT and VOTE in NOVEMBER - we need to rid ourselves of the Obumbler administration.

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