Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Enterprise Vs. Progressivism a Visual Look

Do you know what city this is?

For days now the Megalomaniac-in-chief is back on the "class warfare" meme spewing his usual lies, distortions, and innuendos claiming that capitalism and free markets have failed and the only idea he has to fix things is a social justice notation of "equal prosperity" for all.

This of course goes hand in hand with his statements glorifying his bailouts of the auto industry (in reality a failure) success and boasts that we should do the same to every manufacturing sector so those jobs don't go overseas-ha ha ha.

Of course the progressive media plays along happily drooling over every word.

As we all know a look at the fiscal condition of blue states and cities is politically very telling.

Every state, city, and town run by progressives is in the toilet financially as one after the other is filing for bankruptcy and now even demoRat mayors are forced to reform the very unions that put them in power.

Progrssivism here or as we see in Europe and elsewhere is 

Here is visual comparison of what a free enterprise and unregulated government can accomplish vs. what progressivism with over regulation, forced unionized workers, and an entitlement system which enslaves rather than helps give people a hand up.


To end WW2 America embarked on a new age.
As you can see little was left of the city and the surrounding area.

Now gaze on this city now after 65 years.

Gaze on what an unfettered free enterprise system can accomplish in a very short time relatively speaking.

We all know that  Hiroshima and  Nagasaki   were destroyed in August 1945 after the explosion of atomic bombs.

However, we know little about the progress made by the people of that land.

Now look at the condition of Detroit after the same 65 years of progressive control, over taxation, over regulation, forced unionization of the work force, and an unsustainable entitlement culture which enslaves rather than lifts people up.

What has caused more long term destruction
the  Atomic bomb


Government welfare programs created to buy the
votes of those who want someone to take care of them

And let's remember Japan does not have a welfare system.

Folks there is a very clear choice in this election.

Either we elect Romney/Ryan and their vision of limited government which believes that our natural rights as humans comes from GOD and our FREEDOM is our own


Obumbler and his minions who believe only government has the answers and that our natural rights come from a government bureaucracy which controls it's citizens and removes their FREEDOMS?

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