Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Road We've Traveled Leads To Disaster

President Obumbler's release last week of his propaganda campaign video has so many lies and half truths it is almost comical if it was not for the sad reality of this failed president.

His progressive policies only prove that progressivism is regressive and in actuality blocks progress and stagnates growth at the expense of the American people but of course favors BIG GOVERNMENT and the political class which feel the need to try and run our lives under the guise of safety and protection.

Central planning/statism/socialism/communism/marxism/the nanny state or what ever other label attached to this administrations attempts to "fundamentally transform" America are totalitarian and have HISTORICALLY never succeeded.

Why then is Obumbler and the demoRats pushing policies which are clearly going in the direction of disaster especially economically?

Anyone who thinks you can spend your way to prosperity is a TOTAL FOOL.

The most transparent administration in history has proven to be any thing but transparent and in fact is one of the most secretive.

For those of you who have not seen the answer to Obumbler's propaganda take a couple of minutes and view the real facts. 

We must VOTE Obumbler out of office.
Besides the economic damage he continues to perpetrate on the Republic the most horrifying reality is that should he win another term he will be in a position to appoint 2 possible 3 new Supreme Court justices which will forever tip the balance in favor of progressivism and  liberal relativism.
Our second amendment rights will surely be the first target of such a court.

Progressivism = Totalitarianism