Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"The Race Card" - The Real History Democrats Don't Want You To Know.

The proverbial "race card" is the never ending "go to" for progressives/liberals/socialists/communists/unions and the left in general.

I do not know about you folks but I am so so tired of being called a racists by a bunch of hypocrites. 

When ever they are overwhelmed by conservatives (for example the Tea Parties last summer) suddenly regular folks of all ages are a bunch of old white racists as progressives try to divert and change attention away from their failed policies.

And it would seem that almost every day some one from the left is calling the kettle black.

I do not understand why no one is exposing the real history of progressives/democrats that they surely do not want you to know on a daily basis until they apologize.

Every time they play the race card or call someone a racist the person or organization should proclaim the real history and expose their hypocrisy again and again until everyone knows the truth.

The reality is that minorities are usually faith based, family oriented cultures who's values more strongly align with conservative/libertarian values than those of progressives/liberals.

Democrats through entitlements have tried and in some cases succeeded in co-opting these groups with their goodies which only corrupt and destroy the fabric of their cultures.

It is amazing that these groups buy into the obvious lies and corruption of entitlements which are destroying the fabric of their cultures never considering that the republicans want to help FREE them ECONOMICALLY not ENSLAVE them.

And of course these goodies are the basis of the ability of progressives/democrats to shift the "race card" to republicans convincing some that they are heartless because they are against entitlements ergo against women, blacks, hispanics, and  illegals.


It was DEMOCRATS that institutionalized slavery. On Nov 13, 1820 , the Democrat Party passes the Missouri Compromise, institutionalized slavery.

It was Democrats that supported the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 which expanded slavery

It was Democrats that supported and backed the Dred Scott Decision of 1857 which completely denounced blacks of having any constitutional rights.

It was DEMOCRATS who commissioned medical professionals to proclaim that "excessive amounts of carbon in the bodies of blacks" was the reason for their skin color and inferiority. (and they still have a problem with the benign element Carbon)

It was DEMOCRATS that did not like the 1860 election of abolitionist REPUBLICAN Lincoln.

It was DEMOCRATS that seceded from the Union before he was even sworn in. On December 20th, 1860, South Carolina held a secession convention in Charleston and was the first state to secede the Union.

It was DEMOCRATS that formed their own army, the KKK. REPUBLICANS were hanged by the hundreds right alongside blacks, usually in the same tree.  
An estimated 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites died at the end of KKK ropes from 1882 to 1964.

It was DEMOCRATS that set up Jim Crow laws in the South to further subjugate the blacks.

It was DEMOCRAT President Wilson that conducted several private screening in the White House of the film "Birth of A Nation" in 1915, the most savage racist product I have ever heard of.

It was also DEMOCRAT President Wilson that so admired the Progressive movement's Margret Sanger's who started Planned Parenthood (Hiliary Clintons idol) eugenics research (number of black babies aborted far exceeds those of other demographics) In 2009 Planned Parenthood murdered 322 THOUSAND babies.

It was also DEMOCRAT President Wilson that re-segregated the military after it had been fully integrated by the Republicans in the 1870s.

It was DEMOCRATS that fawned all over Hitler, and his National Socialist Democrat Party and prevented the US from preparing for WW2.
Not unlike their fawning about China today.

It was DEMOCRATS that blocked three attempts during the Eisenhower Administration for comprehensive civil-rights legislation.

It was DEMOCRATS that blocked the doors to black school children in TopekaLittle RockMontgomery and elsewhere.

It was DEMOCRATS Bull Conner and George Wallace that loosed the fire hoses. It was REPUBLICAN Eisenhower that sent Federal troops to stop DEMOCRATS ONLY with the force of arms!

It is DEMOCRATS that encourage black voters with handouts of welfare and other entitlements - the plantation mentality is enhanced and continued.

So spread the word - next time you hear this hypocrisy being spread by progressives - educate them on their true history and demand an apology.

The list goes on and on for a comprehensive list that follows chronologically into the 1960's and beyond go to:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Money - Money who has the money? OooooPs 6.5 BILLION gone?

Last week while every one was transfixed on the end of the Weiner the other hand was busy at work and several interesting stories went largely unnoticed.

One in particular that caught my eye was the latest big government debacle proving once again that the government can not do ANYTHING correctly has hard as they may try and even that is debatable in the meantime.

It seems the Social Security Administration has misplaced, gave away, or overpaid 6.5 BILLION $'s of our tax money in 2009, including $4 BILLION under a supplemental income program for the very poor, and one can only IMAGINE how much more went astray or was overpaid in the subsequent years of 2010 and today in 2011????

The inspector general for Social Security Patrick P.  O"Carroll Jr. said in all about 10% of the payments made by the agency's Supplemental Security Income program were IMPROPER as the program has strict limits on income and assets and most of the overpayments went to people who did not report all their resources (nice way of saying they lied and cheated).

And surprise surprise there were 1.5 BILLION $'s in underpayments too for a GRAND total of 8 BILLION $"s worth of government errors in Social Security in 2009.

But wait it gets better and better throughout the whole federal government improper payments totaled 125 BILLION $'s last year up from 110 BILLION $'s in 2009.

In 2009 the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor both had MORE improper payments than Social Security according to O'Carroll.

So it would appear that cronyism, fraud and corruption are a staple and on the rise in the "most transparent" administration of all time.

Where is the coward Attorney General Holder?

This is typical progressive/liberal activity of robbing the bank while in power and nobody is looking.

On top of the outrageousness of the situation these are the very people who think they can run the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM...........what a joke!!! 

Progressivism = Totalitarianism

Folks this is just further proof that the federal government is out of control and NEEDS to be LIMITED to it's constitutional authority only and leave the STATES alone.

The federal government needs to get over itself and get real remembering who the BOSS is or face the consequences of their actions.

Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of over spending need to put the COUNTRY first and stop the insanity in Washington.

It is NO WONDER the country is BROKE and going down the tubes.

Thanks to Stephen Ohlemacher of the AP for his article on this subject.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Burnt Weenie Sandwich

You have to love Frank Zappa!
His album title from 1970 seems very appropriate and timely in leu of the whole Anthony Weiner affair.

Finally he is GONE god knows why he took this long to resign when we all knew he was lying from the start.

It was obvious from the beginning he was lying.

He made no effort to get authorities involved that was the first clue.

The arrogant and combative yet vague nature of the press conferences he requested was the second clue.

His attempted try at deflection of the blame to Andrew Breitbart was the third clue.

I find it simply amazing the brazen balls this little loud mouth twit can muster.

How many times did he stand in front of Congress (being the attack dog for the progressives) bellowing loudly denouncing Republican efforts or slandering private citizens like Glenn Beck over gold speculation (which Glenn was right it has increased 40% since his attack).

Worse still and few have commented was the predatory nature of his indiscretions as he forced his sexual innuendoes on these unsuspecting women.
He is just a creep with political cover.

It came out that he tweeted he viewed himself with a mask and cape a "super hero"  fighting the evil Republicans and fighting for the poor serfs (convenient that demoRats keep them serfs) he is supposed to serve.

This guy has serious "pathological altruism" issues coupled with a huge EGO and the progressive mindset that no matter what he does or says he is justified because after all he is on the correct side of the argument and one of the progressive club who would come to his rescue.

How many times did he stare in the camera and with straight face pathologically lie about the whole affair.

But be that as it may for at least 10 days progressives/liberals tried to defend, rationalize, and excuse his abhorrent behavior.

Everyone and everything except Weiner was to blame.

Progressives never take responsibility for their words and deeds.
They always rationalize an out for themselves.

It was not the phone sex, cyber sex, contact with under age girls, or the BAD pictures.


They just do not seem to get it - LYING is BAD, not morally acceptable.

How could anyone believe any thing he ever says again or take him seriously for that matter.

But then as fate would have it the really damning pictures and recipients came forward and Weiner's lies got bigger and bigger as his anatomical parts shriveled even smaller.

As he finally left we learned he has NO law license or any other discernible skills to fall back on in fact he was just a political hack lifer stemming from his days as Chuckie's lackey.

We learned he has a little over 5 million dollars  raised for his run for mayor.
Given his love of the oppressed people, the middle class little guys he can by law donate that money to charity.

He should donate it to the charities in his district that he embarrassed by his BAD behavior.

Every time he whored himself in front of the media I thought less and less of him only to have my impressions and intuitive feelings confirmed as my dislike grew.

It is often that those who scream the loudest fall the hardest being the biggest hypocrites.

GOOD RIDDANCE - Congress will hopefully be a little better place in his absence.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Progressivism - Hypocrisy, Unintended Consequences, and Pathological Altruism

Progressives are driven by a need for progress for a supposed better future.
But what is the better future  they are advocating for?
This is never explained or articulated only left in nebulous terms (why commit?).

I would contend that most progressives have honest good intentions when approaching problems or looking for answers but unfortunately this striving for "good" instead of just living it by example has become a kind of sickness "pathological altruism" which allows the ends to be justified by any means.  (adjective)

1. of or pertaining to pathology
2. caused by or involving disease; morbid
3. caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition: a pathological liar

al.tru.ism  (noun)

1. the principle or practice of unselfish concern or devotion to the welfare of others

This unintended consequence of wanting to do "good" becomes  pathological which often manifests itself in a negative way some times in an evil way as seen through out history.

For progressives doing "good" means they can say and do as they please because they have morality and "good" on their side.

Since the ends justify the means progressives will always leave room to maneuver when brought under a critical eye and made to answer for their indiscretions and hypocrisies with a mob mentality.

One HUGE progressive hypocrisy which literally sticks in my throat is our recent fore ray into Libya need I say our 3rd war for supposedly humanitarian grounds to save the poor innocent people form genocide who just want dignity and freedom.

Besides the absence of our anti-war movement which crucified Bush in the press (he at least told congress and did not just ignore them)  the larger picture hypocrisy for me is a moral one.
Let me preface this by saying I believe a persons body is his or hers to use or abuse free will - free choice.
My moral dilemma is the hypocrisy of progressives supporting an illegal act of war by this president killing innocents and Gadhafi supporters alike yet railing against Republicans for wanting to cut off funds to the Planned Parenthood  MURDER machine which kills over 300 THOUSAND babies a year.
Where is all the MORAL outrage at the killing of all those innocents?
Tax payers should NOT have to contribute to any form of genocide.

Progressives strive to find a "one size fits all" solution to our societal problems but this has never in all of history worked because we are all individuals (go figure) and BIG GOVERNMENT collectivists solutions besides taking away our freedoms and liberties have other unintended consequences their  authors  never see coming.
Perhaps they are not as smart as they think.
And often the so-called "science" or "social science" used to justify these actions and choices come from hermetic out of touch academics with no bearing on reality.

That is why I have maintained that Cass Sunstein author of "Nudge" and Regulatory Czar is one of the most dangerous people in our government.

One overwhelming example of big government ineptness and the resulting calamity would be when President Johnson enacted the "war on poverty" with the noble idea to end poverty through prosperity for the poor and a compassionate government.

On the surface this all seems like the right thing to do if the government central planners had a real solution.

After decades and poverty program after poverty program and TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars some 12% of our population is still below the governmental poverty line after 40 years of GOOD INTENTIONS.

I maintain this has had the unintended consequences of holding this portion of society back from freeing themselves economically.

Whites and blacks both have been affected adversely by these policies in different ways because welfare became a business no one can easily walk away from producing in effect a serf class that is beholding to their political masters.

Another unintended consequence of welfare was to help with the disintegration or the breaking up of the black family that spurred the rise of illegitimacy.

In the 1940's illegitimacy among blacks was 14% today it is 72% almost 73% a huge increase.
Racism is not the problem the big government is.

You tell me have welfare entitlement programs worked or helped in any way?

Not to mention the very successful "war on drugs" more big government meddling.

Then there is EDUCATION were we have spent BILLIONS and BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars with no increase in educational value as we spend more than most countries per student with far worse results for our money yet progressives/liberals think lack of funding is the problem?

Makes my head want to explode or my eyes bleed.

Our public schools are a mess and getting worse one unintended or intended consequence is that the successful solution the voucher system and charter schools are fought against by the unions and the political hacks who support them despite whether it is for the betterment of our children.

Progressives are ensconced in our schools and universities transforming a great school system in to a propaganda machine devoid of teaching critical thinking and other valuable creative skills as the politically correct as taken over common sense.

The media is guilty too as "Hollywood" has finally admitted its pushes a progressive agenda through TV and movies oh what a big surprise.

But the hypocrisies of the news media still goes on unchecked and at this point is laughable at the absurdity and demagoguery surrounding their constant drone against conservatives, conservative radio and Fox News.
They are fearful weak minded people who believe they hold the intellectual and moral high ground and project their fears and their own deeds on others through twisted criticism, out right lies and paranoia.

With Soros spending some 48 million dollars influencing progressive media we must take some action to stop support of those useful idiots he relies on.
I do not think any of us want to live in a George Soros world.
More progressive hypocrisies and pathologies to come some thing new every day - they just can not help themselves.
They are desperate after the rejection of their agenda last November.
Progressivism = Totalitarianism
Educate yourself
Think be critical