Friday, July 27, 2012

The Progressive Media always bullies the Tea Parties a trip down Memory Lane

If you have not seen this MRC TV's compilation of outrageous news statements or better yet rushes to judgement/progressive wet dreams take a moment to remember all the lies which are continuously heaped upon the Tea Parties.

Conservatives are always the first to commit a massacre in the eyes of the progressive media wonks and this great retrospective firmly debunks this idea and exposes the real maniacs who it turns out are most likely liberals or leftists. 

Those facts always surface later after the initial false accusations have already done damage and are some how ignored or swept under the proverbial carpet.

You know progressives are terrified of the Tea Parties because they do not understand them or their success.

They have been trying for a 100 plus years to rally the populace, something the Tea Parties have done in a couple of years.

The Tea Parties's populace political uprising as we know resulted in the "shellacking" of 2010 elections with real political implications, something the "occutards" will never be able to accomplish.

In the meantime progressives will out of fear continue to defame and lie about the Tea Parties anything to paint them as radicals.
Will they ever learn or get it.
I doubt it!

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