Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Immense Hypocrisy From Obama

From The Washington Free Beacon comes an amazing article further showing what a hypocrite Obumbler is.



by Andrew Stiles April 24, 2012


"One of President Obama's largest financial backers is a key executive at the largest Swiss bank in the world, complicating his criticism of presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney."

"Wolf has bundled more than $500,000 for the president's reelection, campaign records show. He is but one of many wealthy bankers Obama has turned to in an effort to win a second turn."

"According to campaign reporter John Heilemann, Obama and Wolf first met in December 2006 in a conference room owned by liberal billionaire George Soros, who is currently embroiled in a domestic dispute with his 31-year-old girlfriend."

I love it when Obumbler is directly linked with the progressive Mr. Evil. It just goes to show how interconnected the progressive machine is and confirms that their is a progressive conspiracy to gain more power as Obumbler put it "fundamentally transforming" America.
Poor Georgie embroiled in a domestic dispute with a 31 year old when he is 81 years old by best guesses.
This woman could be his GRANDDAUGHTER for Gods sake.
He is an old perverted dirtbag for even having this relationship and if she is a gold digger it serves him RIGHT.
Back to the article.


"Shortly after Wolf was appointed, UBS admitted to conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and agreed to pay $780 million to ward off a federal investigations into its activities."

Sounds like UBS got off lightly some estimate they should have paid $1.5 BILLION in penalties, I wonder how much cronyism is involved knowing of Wolf's Obumbler connection?
It is so convenient to have such good friends.


"Wolf's company, UBS, gave an additional $532,000, making it the 15th largest contributor to Obama's to Obama's first presidential run."

"In addition to his prolific efforts as a campaign bundler, Wolf has personally contributed almost $200,000 to Democratic candidates and committees since 2007, including at least $9,100 to Obama and more than $115,000 to the Democratic National Committee."

WOW didn't the Obumbler campaign and others in the demoRat party seek to severely criticize Romney for having a Swiss bank account, which he closed in 2010.
Gee progressive's forget to tell you it's closed though.


"The president's effort to blame the nation's economic woes on abstract forces such as income inequality and the shady machinations of Wall Street bankers has been undercut by controversial campaign decisions - for example, his reversal on anonymous Super PACs, which he once called "a threat to our democracy" - as wel as his increasing reliance on campaign bundlers like Wolf and disgraced Wall Street tycoon Jon Corzine."

Only Obumbler would have the unmitigated gaul to take money form a CROOK.
He has no ethics and is just a corrupt has those he takes money from.
With all the cries demoRats made about Bush and the banksters it would seem that he was in the minor leagues when compared with this bunch of crooks occupying the WH.
The hypocrisy of Obumbler as he lies and demagogues in the PROGRESSIVE MEDIA and NONE of them call him out on it.

For a further investigation of the CRONYISM involved here one only has to go and google UBS to see the amount of corruption and problems UBS has especially in Europe but surprisingly they got off very light here paying $780 million instead of the estimated $1.5 BILLION.

Here are a few of the some of the 3,710,000 results on google.

  1. UBS rogue trader: Investigations focus on fictitious hedges - Telegraph › Finance › News by Sector › Banks and Finance
    Sep 16, 2011 – UBS rogue trader: Investigations focus on fictitious hedges.Investigations into a $2bn (£1.3bn) trading loss at UBS have focused on the use of ...
  2. BREAKINGVIEWS - Five questions the UBS investigations must ... - India
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  4. Reverse Convertible Investigation Involving UBS, Morgan Stanley ...
    Jul 22, 2011 – According to the Investment News, Georgia recently requested information from UBS AG, Morgan Stanley and Ameriprise Financial Inc. in its ...
  5. Swiss Regulator Investigating Possible Cartel Behavior By UBS ...
    Feb 3, 2012 – BERN, Switzerland -- The Swiss Competition Commission said Friday it has launched an investigation into possible cartel behavior by a dozen ...
  6. UBS Faces Formal FSA Investigation After Kweku Adoboli Charges
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    Apr 16, 2012 – A Paris court has opened a judicial investigation into the activities ofUBS in France. The Swiss bank is suspected of helping French clients ...
  9. News for UBS investigations

    1. Ashurst bolsters disputes team with UBS hire

      The Lawyer‎ - 6 hours ago
      Capps, who joined UBS in 2004 and headed litigation and regulatory investigations for Africa, Europe and the Middle East, will join Ashurst's ...
    1. Swiss authorities confirm money-laundering investigation against UBS
      2 days ago – Swiss Attorney General has given legal assistance to Hong Kong authorities in a money-laundering investigation against Malaysian top ...

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        Apr 13, 2012 – Litigation & Investigations is a specialist unit reporting to the Global Head of Litigations in the UBS's Corporate Centre.We seek to strengthen ...
      2. UBS Investigated For LIBOR Manipulation | ZeroHedge
        Mar 15, 2011 – About a year ago, when Zero Hedge was nothing but a monocultured, bearish, conspiracy theory-based blog, we wrote a post titled: "Is The ...
      3. UBS Turning Whistleblower in Libor Probe Pressures Rivals ...
        Feb 28, 2012 – The European Union, which raided UBS in October as part of its owninvestigation, hasn't said it if it will grant immunity. The EU typically ...
      4. UBS could 'get slammed' by FSA enforcement investigation -
        Feb 3, 2012 – The FSA announces commencement of its formal investigation that could see UBS 'get slammed', according to one legal expert,Operational ...
      5. Citi, UBS provide keys to widening interest rate-rigging probe ...,_UBS_provide_keys_to_ ...
        Feb 22, 2012 – Details are now emerging from the investigations that suggest the lone trader was at the heart of the alleged improprieties at both UBS and ...
      6. Citi, UBS provide keys to widening interest rate-rigging probe: sources
        Feb 22, 2012 – Citigroup Inc and UBS AG, in a series of disclosures to law-enforcement officials, have provided crucial information to investigators in multiple ...
      7. Special Analytics & Investigations - UBS - Experienced ...
        UBS - Experienced professionals - job boards - Job details ... Title, Specialist Wealth Management - Special Analytics & Investigations. Job Reference # ...
      8. From the SEC's own website recently released.

        SEC Charges UBS Global Asset Management for Pricing Violations in Mutual Fund Portfolios

        Washington, D.C., Jan. 17, 2012 – The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged an investment advisory arm of UBS with failing to properly price securities in three mutual funds that it managed, resulting in a misstatement to investors of the net asset values (NAVs) of those funds. The misconduct was revealed during the course of an SEC examination, minimizing investor harm.
        The SEC’s Enforcement Division began investigating UBS Global Asset Management (UBSGAM) following a referral from SEC examiners who conducted a routine exam of the firm, which is an SEC-registered investment adviser. The SEC’s investigation further determined that during a two-week period, UBSGAM did not follow the mutual funds’ fair valuation procedures in pricing certain illiquid fixed-income securities in the portfolios of the mutual funds.

      9. Will Obumbler intervine on this one for his pal?
      10. Will they get off lightly again paying $780 million instead of the estimated $1.5 billion they should have paid?
      11. Cronyism is alive and well in the Obumbler administration.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    "If I Wanted America to Fail" video

    If you have not watched this video take a couple of minutes.

    It speaks for itself!

    This is what Obumbler's "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION" of America looks like FAILURE!!!

    Monday, April 23, 2012

    Polls the Progressive Media/Commentator Never Seem to Mention

    For those of you who look at or occasionally look at polls, there seems to a great disparity among the pollsters depending on their political stripes, which is not at all surprising.

    To those of us who are familiar with progressivism know they will not stop at anything to control the media narrative including bias polls because after all to them the ends always justify the means.

    Today for example Gallop shows Obama's approval rating at 50% +3 and Obama's disapproval rating at  44%  -1.

    Rasmussen Reports on the other hand shows on their daily presidential tracking poll that the nation's voters who "strongly approve" of the way that Obama is performing his job at 24% while 43% "strongly disapprove" of his job performance.
    That is a -19 on the approval index rating.

    How is that Rasmussen and Gallop are so far apart.
    Could it be that Gallop is in the tank for Obumbler?
    Are those they poll overwhelmingly progressives/liberals/demoRats?
    In my estimation probably BOTH.

    Over the years I have followed Scott Rasmussen and his organization and have always found them to be the most fair unbiased group one can count on for a view what people are thinking on a range of subjects and topics.

    As one of the first pollsters in the media, Gallop seems to be constantly used as the go-to-guys for the progressive media/commentators the gold standard.
    Over time though I would contend that they are no longer trust worthy especially since the Obumbler election.

    Here are some other very interesting polls/surveys that Rasmussen has done that run completely contrary the narrative being spewed by Obumbler and the progressive media/commentators on some basic ideas about topics important to many Americans.

    One has to wonder from who or where progressives are getting their ideas about what Americans are thinking in their attempts to provide their vision of things and control the political narrative.

    On gasoline prices our administration and even some on Fox news would have us believe that high gas prices are due to the evil oil speculators and money grubbing oil companies.

    From Rasmussen:



    "Wednesday, April 25, 2012"

    "The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Mitt Romney earning 49% of the vote, while President Obama Attracts support from 44%. Three percent (3%) Would vote for a third party candidate, while another four percent (4%) are undecided."

    This is not surprising but Gallop still shows Obumbler with a 50% approval rating what's going on here?


    "44% Blame Government Regulations for Higher Gas Prices."

    "Most Americans still believe the price of a gallon of gas could top $5 in the next few months, more think the government's to blame for the higher prices."

    On one of the presidents favorite topics "fairness" and "decency or equality" the results are rather surprising considering how this topic is presented by Obumbler and the media whining constantly about how unfair and indecent America is.


    "50% Think More Government Regulation Means Less Fairness"

    "For some, the government is the answer to economic inequality in this country, but for most, it's not."

    "Fifty percent (50%) of Likely Voters, in fact, think society would become less fair if the government got more involved in regulating the economy. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 22% believe society would become more fair if there was greater government regulation. Twenty-one percent (21%) feel things would remain about the same."

    Obumbler is certainly speaking to a small audience with all his "fairness" rhetoric and demagoguery. 
    The 21% who feel things would remain about the same are not paying attention as we are already over-regulated in every aspect of our economy and lives.


    "60% Rate U.S. Society as Fair and Decent."

    "Most voters continue to believe in the goodness of America."

    "A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds 60% of likely voters agree that American society is generally fair and decent. One-in-four voters (26%) disagrees and says society in this country in unfair and discriminatory. Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided.

    Considering the claims of racism, unfairness, and inequality coming from the left one would expect different results.
    It just goes to show how out of touch some people are when pushing their agenda.

    Another issue pushed in our faces by Holder the Tool and others on the left are the voter ID laws enacted by several states and currently on the books of several others.
    Their screams and cries of discrimination and racism of disenfranchising minorities and others is my opinion a joke.

    Holder the Tool's law suits and blockages of these laws is a waste of tax payer money as well as making me think that the demoRat machine is so invested in voter fraud that they can not imagine an election without it.
    There is no empirical data to support their claims.
    So why all the ranting and screaming and law suits?
    Every country around the world that holds elections requires an ID to vote except here.


    "73% Think Photo ID Requirement Before Voting Does Not Discriminate."

    "Despite his insistence that voter fraud is not a serious problem, Attorney General Eric Holder was embarrassed last week when a video surfaced of someone illegally obtaining a ballot to vote under Holder's name in his home in Washington, DC. Most voters consider voter fraud a problem in America today and continue to overwhelmingly support laws requiring people to show a photo identification before being allowed to vote."

    "A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 64% of Likely Voters rate voter fraud at least a somewhat serious problem in the United States today, and just 24% disagree. This includes 35% who consider it a Very Serious problem and seven percent (7%) who view it as Not At All Serious. Twelve percent (12%) are undecided."

    So it would seem that Obumbler, Holder, race-baiters like Jackson and Sharpton, and the progressive media are in the minority when it comes to trying to ensure fair elections.

    Another of Obumbler's favorite topics is BIG GOVERNMENT.
    He constantly praises the government as what made the country great, how we need government to protect us and keep us safe, how BIG GOVERNMENT is the answer to all our problems.

    He forgets the government is an ineffective, inefficient, bloated machine that rarely gets ANYTHING CORRECT.

    How about the newly released report by the government themselves that claims there is $400 BILLION in waste and duplication yet NO ONE in Washington is willing to actually address this FACT and Obumbler and his minions as usual think throwing more money at the problem is the answer.

    I have news for them.



    "President Obama recently has suggested that government investment is what made America great, but voters express a lot more confidence in the free enterprise system."

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 27% of Likely U.S. Voters agree government investments made America great. Forty-two percent (42%) disagree, but a sizable 32% are not sure."

    Such a large group who are not sure shows in my opinion that the progressive influence in education is responsible for that and that their propaganda has been very dangerous to our youth past, present, and future.

    Progressives on the left and Obumbler's administration try as they might have not yet convinced the American people that all their whining and bitching about the Republic is true.

    I believe the attitudes expressed in these polls are some of the reasons Republicans swept to victory in 2010 "shellacking" of the progressive agenda.

    Progressives are still in denial and from these polls there seems to always be a 20-something percent of those surveyed who continue to suck the kool-aid and believe the crap spewed by those who try and pervert the narrative through propaganda,misinformation and deceit in their favor.