Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Irony of Obumbler's Big Government Progressive Agenda

The current and on going backlash to president Obumbler's big government progressive agenda has manifested itself in the gun industry.

American's are still "clinging to their guns and religion" in ever increasing numbers despite this administrations efforts to change the nation narrative on these issues.

Americans see the threat to their individual freedoms and are responding accordingly as the progressive's have changed the "war on religion" to a new narrative "war on women" after losing public opinion.

Likewise Obumbler's obvious anti-gun mentality has seen a huge increase in the sales of weapons and ammunition as he continues to violate and defy the Constitution on any number of issues.

I believe this wave of buying and stockpiling only reinforces the HUGE undercurrent of concerned folks who are awake and not being fooled by progressive propaganda.

Just like in the 2010 elections when progressives took a "shellacking" - 2012 will see them swept from office again.

Progressive's are worried though witness the ever increasing attacks on conservatives through the lapdog media but ultimately they are still in denial at the tsunami which they are facing in the coming election.

This graphic represents the unseen "silent majority" who will rise against the totalitarianism of progressivism and VOTE Obumbler and his destructive minions OUT OF OFFICE.


We need to GET OUT THE VOTE in November and send the usurper back to the most "CORRUPT CITY" in America were he belongs.

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