Saturday, May 19, 2012

Progressives Reach New Heights of Hypocrisy With Your Vote

Today the Weekly Standard had a very interesting post which the liberal media will certainly ignore.

Dems Disenfranchise Voters After Polls Show Obama in CLose Primary Race.
"Is this some kind of North Korea thing?"

by Michael Warren

For months now we have heard the progressive/liberal machine scream, whine, lie, misrepresent, and generally try to scare people, with their so-called narrative that "VOTER ID" laws are racist, will disenfranchise minorities and seniors, a conservative plot against the middle class and poor, sending out every race baiter/race hustler, progressive senator, progressive talking head, even Eric "the racist" Holder our esteem Attorney General to sue States who have enacted these laws, with the intention of creating more division and convincing the public that conservatives especially Republicans are evil and stealing your vote.

Never mind the facts surrounding the truth about voter id laws or the rampant VOTER FRAUD which is very real and prevalent despite demoRat claims that it does not exist.

Or that every country that holds elections around the world demands an ID in order to cast a ballot.

But the REAL STORY here is that now the demoRat party is not going to recognize those delegates that John Wolfe Jr. won in his primary bid against "our dear leader" president Obumbler at their convention.


"After a poll released this week showed President Barack Obama only beating his Democratic primary opponent John Wolfe Jr. by seven points 45 percent to 38 percent, in Arkansas's Fourth Congressional District, state Democrats moved to practically disenfranchise Arkansas voters."
"Delegates Wolfe might claim won't be recognized at the national convention," national party officials are telling state Democrats. Wolfe is being accused of not following the party rules."

"If he's denied delegates he's rightfully won, Wolfe says, Democrats would be effectively disenfranchising those who chose him over President Obama. And if that happens, he'll take his own party to court"

"They took my money and put my name on the ballot," he says. "They're trying to make people think it is hopeless to vote against Obama."

So the progressive's are now eating their own by ignoring VOTES cast against the megalomaniac-in-chief?

What you might ask - the progressives champions of the middle class, holders of the MORAL HIGH ground, defenders of the poor, are summarily disregarding peoples fundamental Constitutional right to ?

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
It just further shows once again that for progressives the ENDS ALWAYS JUSTIFY the MEANS no matter what bit of outrageousness they are perpetrating.

Where is the LAME STREAM MEDIA on this?
We all know if this were conservatives or Republicans doing this there would be a fire storm of protest and dispersions of their evilness cast about.


"Wolf suspects the effort to quell his presidential campaign may be coming from Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. During a recent encounter with Wasserman Schultz in Chattanooga, Wolfe says the two got into an argument about the rights for Tennessee farmers to sell their goods to Cuba."

"A lawyer from Chattanooga, Wolfe speaks in a Southern drawl, and says Obama and the national Democrats don't want to acknowledge that there are members of the party like him."

The BLATANT HYPOCRISY of protests and law suits against a common sense law like "Voter ID" and then publicly suppressing and disenfranchising the votes of hundreds if not thousands of Arkansas DEMOCRATS for the national committee's own political agenda is just mind boggling.

Anyone who is a progressive/demoRat/liberal or whatever the new title of the hour is you all should be ASHAMED of yourselves and your PARTY.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where's All His Popularity Gone?

If you read Rasmussen Reports you know they have tracked Obumbler's approval rating since his election. 

UPDATE: Obumbler continues  sink to a new LOW in his approval index.

Today May 12th the megalomaniac-in-chief hits a minus twenty-two percent (22%)

Today's Index showing a MINUS SIXTEEN (-16)
Twenty-five percent(25%) of likely voters strongly approve of the job Obumbler is doing, whereas Forty-one percent(41%) of likely voters STRONGLY DISAPPROVE of the empty suit.

From looking at this chart and following Obumbler's popularity since his election it has been a steady decline with very few bright spots or up-ticks for the many faces of the Campaigner-in-Chief, the Liar-in-Chief, the Marxist-in-Chief, the Green-Fraudster-in-Chief, the Megalomaniac-in-Chief our president "the ONE".

"Where as all his popularity gone" should be set to the musical hit by Peter, Paul & Mary written by Pete Seeger "Where have all the flowers gone".

While it is to early to tell the current trend shows Romney building in popularity as Obumbler continues to resort to his only strategy of divisiveness and his popularity declines.

And a special treat - you have to admire Dr.Manning a patriot who is putting it all out there in spite of the obvious risks involved.
Support him watch his u-tube videos and hear some of what the progressive media will never tell you. 

For those of you dreaming about putting the "dear leader" on trial, Dr. Manning has already done this claiming the rights within the Constitution to do so.

Take a few minutes to hear Dr. Manning layout the evidence.

The usurper, occupier of the WH must be voted out of office in November 2012.
We must rally our friends and families to VOTE.
DemoRats will use every trick in the book to keep hold of their power and I suspect VOTER FRAUD will be one of the dirtiest.

Volunteer to be poll watchers - the Republic needs you!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Official Kick-off on Karl Marx's Birthday?

Today it was announced that the Obumbler campaign is officially kicking off tomorrow May 5th.

Which in and of itself is hilarious and a joke because the marxist-in-chief has not stopped campaigning since he was elected in 2008.

And of course on the tax payers dime!

What is surprising is that it is the birthday of Karl Marx the father of Marxism.

Either the campaign organizers are complete idiots or they are rubbing their obvious agenda in our noses while purposely causing a controversy. 

They will of course deny and berate any one who suggests a connection while focusing on the crazy conservative conspiracies  and redirecting attention from the crapy job numbers and Obumbler's pathetic miserable record of do nothing except campaigning the only thing he seems to be good at.

He takes playing to your strengths to a whole new level.

Progressives are masters of redirection and changing the public narrative to fit their agenda.

A prime example is their party identification itself.

Historically speaking first they were Democrats.

When they became unpopular and disliked - suddenly they were Progressives.

When that failed and the country realized their true agenda they became Democrats again.

Sometime later a new image was needed so they became Liberals.

When liberalism was exposed for what it is and became unpopular they yet again changed back to Progressives.

Like chameleons changing their color but still pushing the same old tried policies and agenda which seeks to make Big Government everyones father and mother instead of people taking responsibility for themselves.

As I have said many times before Progressivism's big lie is that the government is only here to help - to keep you safe, protect you from evil corporations and evil individuals like conservatives who only want to take advantage of you because they are greedy but most of all because they think they are smarter than everyone else (social engineering)(think Kass Sunstein and Larry Summers) protect you from yourself because God forbid you are incapable without the help and protection of BIG BROTHER.

They have slandered our founders, denigrated the Constitution claiming it is old and outdated, infiltrated and taken over the education of our children, the media is no longer the Fourth Estate but a propaganda tool for the progressive machine, they are currently perverting religion with their social justice BS claiming Jesus was for social justice or outright secular fundamentalism, they accomplished delaying civil rights legislation under Eisenhower only to then support it under LBJ to claim they are the saviors while completely ignoring and trying to hide their own southern roots in slavery and segregation (read my post on the Real History they don't want you to know), they convinced voters under Wilson through fear, class warfare, class envy, and racial divide that the government is the answer to all their problems (sound familiar), through this they changed the dynamic in politics so the political elite and professional politicans were created, in short every current negative political association and societal ILL can be attributed to


Their idea of PROGRESS is really REGRESSIVE seeking only to assert their power and control trying to spread the misery equally but only for us not for them because they after all know better.

Progressivism is the DISEASE infecting the Republic for a 100 years now.

When will Americans wake up to this farce and VOTE these megalomaniacs out of office permanently?


Overregulation and False Science

    Dividing the country for political purposes


Their LOVE of China

"Dreams From My Father" Full of Lies and Fraud?

Dr. James David Manning's talk about the evidence and on going research he has uncovered while investigating Obama's book "Dream's From My Father"

If you have some time listen to what the progressive media will not tell you.

This a very compelling evaluation of the many many lies and fraud committed in this work of FICTION and this is the first of more talks Dr. Manning intends to air.

Listen carefully to his beginning comments on both Moochelle and Obumbler and their current lack of their LAW LICENSES.

Having lived in Chicago in 2008 I remember reading that BOTH had voluntarily SURRENDER their LAW LICENSES but the real facts surrounding this were of course a sealed matter.

As Dr. Manning points out two people from a top law school don't do this unless they committed something egresses or where accused of an egresses act and are avoiding the consequences.

Obumbler already admitted recently through another upcoming book that he made up the NY girlfriend character from a "compression" of many girlfriends to make a point about the "racial chasm" between them.

Where in his book is there a footnote or disclaimer?
This is supposed to be an autobiography not FICTION.

This sounds very similar to the scandal of James Frey in his book "A Million Little Lies".

This scandal disgraced Oprah's  book club and caused the author huge embarrassment and redaction statements in later editions.

Will Oprah now disown Obumbler? 

Obumbler's life is a fiction - he is a made up character/empty suit long supported by radicals and progressives who wish to destroy our Republic.

Many believe Bill Ayers wrote this book and there is a lot stylistic similarities to other Ayer's material, statements, and ideologies.

Another juicy LIE Obumbler and the media have perpetuated is the whole Ayers connection.

Obumbler claims he was just a neighbor?

There is a direct connection between Tom Ayers and Obama on a number instances.

Read my earlier post on "The Postman" who met Obumbler outside Tom Ayers'  house.

It now seems there was a connection between Obumbler's grandfather and Tom Ayers. 
It was who Tom set Obama up in Chicago were he met and got involved with Bill.

It is just amazing how someone like Obumbler with all his connections to know Marxists, Communists, Radicals, even Muslim extremists has not been throughly vetted let alone can become President.

Less is really known about this man than any other President 

He is the "campaigner-in-chief" having given and made more campaign speeches and stops begging for money then the last FIVE Presidents combined.

Many military people have stated that even with the facts that are known he would NEVER have received a SECURITY CLEARANCE for any government job requiring one.

How is this POSSIBLE?

We must rid ourselves of this pathetic imposture and VOTE him out of office in 2012 - he is a disgraced to our great nation!!!