Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Coming Election

It is astounding that with todays economic problems the business of government is so big and the stakes are so high that Obama will try to raise ONE BILLION DOLLARS in his attempt to buy the presidency yet again.

Where does all that money come from?
Will current the fund raising investigations from his last election really go anywhere?

How is all that money spent - who receives it?

I contend if Obama was really as altruistic and progressive as he says he is he would donate that BILLION DOLLARS to all those oppressed peoples he claims to champion and help level the playing field because after all life is so unfair and SOMEONE has to keep us safe and protect us from ourselves.

So far all the president and his minions have offered up is the "old class warfare" routine and the standard Republicans are evil and want to starve seniors, kill women, prevent kids from going to college and all other evils in the country.
I think the American people see through that obvious and out dated playbook as the presidents approval ratings are not good.

There are so many issues to examine about this administration's abuses of power and it's undermining the foundation of the country the constitution.

I find it quite ironic that progressives/liberals whined and cried howled about the Bush administrations' spending, illegal wars, erosion of our privacy rights, etc. yet today we find our current administration has quadrupled down on the debt (in which demoRats controlled the congress since 2006 and should be responsible for part of Bush's folly), Obama has involved us in a third war with Libya with no approval and without asking congress (at least Bush asked first) and continues in both Iraq and Afghanistan even though he vowed to bring all our troops home from Iraq yeah right - the media just doesn't report on what is up there believe me we are FAR from out of that place, and we enjoy less privacy (patriot act is still around and even enhanced) while curtailing our liberties and freedoms through over regulation enacted through agencies and through executive orders because legislatively it can not pass - especially our economic freedoms are dissolving away as this current bunch are completely anti-small business they support the TAKERS not the MAKERS.

I believe Cass Sunstein is the MOST DANGEROUS man in the country.

This election boils down to the classic fight of the folks who support limited government and thus maximum liberty and freedom versus the folks who support big government and thus the nanny state and collectivism i.e. a false sense of security at the expense of our liberties and freedoms.

It is all about the MAKERS and the TAKERS.

Our bloated big government has been working extra hard to create an environment where they can achieve as many takers as possible through their economic policies and their regulatory policies but fear not they think they are all smarter than us and after all it is all about keeping us safe and protecting us from all the unfairness out there.
Their goal it would seem is to collapse the capitalists system (capitalism is the source of the unfairness) and to make as many of us as possible dependent on them so they can count on our vote!!!!

After all who would vote against their own self interest?

In this election year the independents/the silent majority/the Tea Parties/the Makers/those who support individualism and freedom must get out the VOTE we must be more visible, e-mail your congress person and senator, have honest and reality based conversations with your friends and family.

We must remember we OUTNUMBER them many times over.
WE are the MAJORITY - WE are the MAJORITY.
Remember the government works for us - WE are their BOSSES.
As such in order to set things right the "O" has got to GO!!!!!
The "ONE" is DONE!!!
The "O" must GO!!!!!!
Get out and VOTE for FREEDOM.
Progrssivism = Totalitarianism