Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the Dr of Common Sense gets IT.

The Dr. of Common Sense E.T. Williams gets it.

The "Dr." has the guts to stand up and say what he believes and back it up.

The blow back from the black community is probably huge but Mr. Williams stands by what he says.

Besides Common Sense TV, Mr. Williams has written a book "What Ever Happened To Common Sense" available on Amazon.
This brave man speaks "truth to power" President Obumbler should have appointed him the Urban Affairs Czar instead of Adolfo Carrion Jr.

His message is direct and speaks for itself.
He exposes the use of the race card by the left and denounces it.
The "Dr.'s" analysis and assessment of the black community is indicative of and applies to the entire entitlement culture progressives have created since Wilson. 

This man deserves support for his convictions and activism to  wake up his community by speaking truths they do not want to hear and the media won't report and shine a light on the fact that progressives/demoRats with all their good intentions to help and protect minorities are in fact enslaving them and using them to retain their power what a political ploy.

Take a couple of minutes and listen to some common sense from someone who gets it.


Anonymous said...

guys got stones for speaking out for what he and many others believe to be the truth. the big O and the liberal dems want all the minorities and undocumented aliens' votes just to stay in power & make the USA the biggest socialistic country in the world. if this happens we only have ourselves to blame cause to many of us "want something for nothin" and everythin handed to em.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You're right Doc. You have seen the light and the bros are still waiting for someone else to save their bacon. You rescued yourself and you're in charge. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Doc, you are absolutely Dead-on!
"O" Must Go!
The people that you mention in your video, Jackson, Sharpton and others are working hard to keep the Blacks in the "disadvantaged" mode. If more of the blacks were to listen to what you have to say and realize that they are only hurting themselves by following the Democraps rhetoric, then Jessie & Al would be looking for jobs, along with "Barry O".

Anonymous said...

This is so 'ON POINT' because a vast majority of whites today consider blacks their brothers and sisters... my own son (Firefighter) adopted a black boy and gives him everything like he is his biological child... this race card nonsense is in the mind of the black racist against whites. The majority of the jails are made up of the black population and why do you think that is??? Because the vast majority of blacks think they deserve a 'hand-out' like they were back in Lincoln's day. Get up off your butts and stop having so many babies and living off welfare!! We all need to pull together, blacks AND whites and stop the hatred !! Every time I pass by a black person, they appear so defensive that it is downright frightening to be around pugnacious people !! Yes, you are right that "O" must go... since he has been in office, things have gotten worse and not better... uh, common sense 1 plus 1 equals 2.... get with the program and let's all pull together !! My goodness, I never have once heard the Jewish people complaining about the Holocaust, but blacks don't want to let go of the past ... gee whiz, I wasn't around back then !!! Blacks need to get rid of their 'defensive spirit' and start loving God and their neighbor !!!