Monday, December 26, 2011

Obumbler's Lies, Gaffes, and more Lies

Since the lame stream media refuses to report on this regime with any accuracy or truth it is important to remember all the past promises, distortions, and out right lies being perpetrated daily especially by our Dear Leader.

Folks the really BIG BIG progressive LIE is that the huge, unwieldy, out of control GOVERNMENT is here to HELP you, keep you SAFE, Protect you from all those EVIL corporations and EVIL people who only want to take ADVANTAGE of you, and of course because they think they know better Protect you from YOURSELF because God forbid you are not as SMART as they are or capable of taking CARE of yourself.

Progressivism created the POLITICAL class/elite at the turn of the century when through FEAR and LOATHING, CLASS WARFARE and ENVY they convinced EVERYONE of the NEED for BIG GOVERNMENT does that sound familiar today?

The other progressive lie is that it is economically sustainable but as we observe the European Union crumbling under its own weight of debt through entitlements and promises it can no longer afford or keep it is obvious that this too is complete and utter nonsense and a myth conjured by John M. Keynes the progressives economic guru who has been proven wrong time and time again yet progressive still blindly maintain the faith or are fooled by believing in some miracle.

History as shown that central planning and collectivism are FAILURES why don't progressives believe the facts? 

What happen to our Republic - the idea of a MERITOCRACY were hard work, personal responsibility, and vision were the formula for success? 

Our founders warned us about professional politicans and the rise of a political class but we did not listen and let fear and uncertainty sway us from our founding principals in favor of false promises which have only deepened and accelerated our slide toward serfdom.

This administration/regime's redistributive methods and ideas will only cause a "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION" that will reduce America to third world status by spreading the misery to everyone equally except the political elite who will continue their status quo with the rational that they are needed to help and protect the rest of us ie. the Soviet Union style politburo who shopped in separate stores, drove foreign cars, and lived in much larger accommodations - the hypocrisy at that time was just astounding and the people were DUPED just like today as the useful idiots line up in support of all the promised carrots while the sharp end of the stick waits behind their master's back.

Once again as Thomas Jefferson said:

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have."  

Pause for a moment watch and remind yourselves of the audacity of not only this president but the news media that provides him cover.


A small sampling of falsehoods and deceptions by our Dear Leader

Our smartest and most eloquent president ever in action - he is just so brilliant it is not to be believed.

A few more choice statements by our Dear Leader that just are not quite what they seem.

Talk to your friends and family remember and remind them of when getting ahead meant hard work, vision, and persistence.
Especially speak with your children as they have been bombarded with progressive propaganda and attempts at indoctrination in our failing school system and corrupted university system.
And above all VOTE in 2012 we have to rid ourselves of this scourge or risk a point of NO RETURN.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes a Picture Tells it All - the Truth Works in Mysterious Ways

What a great photo!!!
Doubtful this shows up in the lame stream media?
Obumbler has really succeeded in uniting the world, healing the planet, reverse the rising tides.

Progressives/demoRats are such fools, so arrogant and in denial about their abilities to do any thing except abuse power, cronyism, and corruption.

Despite ones opinion of Bush he tried to be compassionate while having progressive tendencies but at least he really loved this country and our men and women in uniform and did not try and fundamentally transform the Republic away from a meritocracy of individualism and personal responsibility toward collectivism/big government and an entitlement nanny state.

Obumbler, Moochele and rest of the minions have got to GO!


Friday, December 16, 2011

"Hog Heaven"

I don't know about some of you out there but I am so sick of the political theater surrounding every day life and our culture these days.
Whether it is Obumbler's constant lies, tyranny, demagoguery, constant use of envy and class warfare or Mitt the flip flop or Newt the whore the media is always directing our attention to their agenda instead of getting down to actually solving problems only pretending to be concerned while DOING NOTHING.
It just seems to be getting worse and frankly these days the republicans seem just as bad as the progressives passing legislation which flies in the face of the constitution for example being to able to arrest and detain an American citizen indefinitely in America or the latest commandeering of free
speech through the internet?
This is all just to outrageous.

What is going on here folks?

I content that the political elite will never actually solve any problems regardless of party for the simple reason that they want to hold on to their power.
If they actually did something instead of the band-aide approach or a placation now and then we frankly would not need them - God forbid.
This is the reason the founders warned us about the political class and full time politicans.
Somewhere along the line at the turn of the century progressives through fear and loathing convinced every one that the federal government was the answer to all their problems and of course they were the government, so much for states rights.
All our real problems were magnified and the political elite was born of course only to help us, keep us safe, protect us from the evil corporations, evil people and protect us from ourselves all at the massive cost of our freedoms.
And they continue to erode what little freedoms we have left.

Obumbler recent spewed in a speech that America is still the most free economic system in the world.
I guess he has never been to Hong Kong or Singapore where business is much freer and unregulated than here we at least still make the top ten at NUMBER 9.

I digress from my original intent of this post to find some amusement and hilarity in our culture.

Any of you notice the brief storm of controversy surrounding the administration's first supporting a ban on any roundup of the wild horses/mules/donkeys and then allowing it to go forward and going so far as to OK HORSE MEAT for AMERICANS.
Obumbler is so enamored with Europe you would think he knew horse meat is regularly consumed there.
Imagine how many animal rights activists and other left wing radicals he pissed off although these people are also often the environmentalists which would seem at odds with the eco damage these herds do.

Enter the machinations of the reality show folks who have brought us everything from dirty jobs, building choppers, gold mining to truck driving just to name a few.
So when I first saw A&E's show American Hoggers and then Lady Hoggers I knew we were on to something good.

They had ALL the elements  RUGGED INDIVIDUALISTS (self proclaimed rednecks),  GUNS AGLORE,  HUNTING with DOGS,  OFF ROAD VEHICLES,  CHARITY (suppling needy families and food banks with food), and the FREEDOM of the OPEN RANGE to really piss off progressives, liberals, animal rights activists,  lefty environmentalist,  PETA, vegans, and assorted vegheads and to make their heads explode for a change while they are probably whining that is what is wrong with America.

Check out these two shorts I found on You Tube.

American Hoggers promo

Lady Hoggers short

I was amazed by the dogs their training and coordinated attacks on the pesky hogs which apparently multiply like rabbits, often carry disease and lice, and destroy everything in their environment.
The dogs are either scent dogs or catch dogs and there is real danger not only to the dogs but the hunters as well.
After getting the scent the pack runs the hog down while the catch dogs come from behind grabbing the hog by the ears and holding them until their owners come and pin the hog down and tie it up.
Pretty exciting stuff although graphic for some.


Thank God their political correctness and down right totalitarian attitude has not extended itself to every thing - MAYBE THERE IS HOPE.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Progressive Regulation Purgatory

The Wall Street Journal had a poignant piece out today entitled:

"Regulation for Dummies"

"The White House says its rule-making isn't costly or unusual. The evidence shows otherwise."

I have always contented that Cass Sunstein, director of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, is the most dangerous man in America second only to Barry the Usurper why even his title and czar status are reminiscent of a department found in the Kremlin at the height of Polit Bureau.

The fact that these fools are trying to rationalize their regulatory death grip on the economy and minimize it's effects is mind blowing right up there with exploding heads and bleeding eyes.


"Jan Eberly, an Assistant Treasury Secretary, kicked off the Administration campaign with a white paper in October that purported to debunk the "misconceptions" that "uncertainty is holding back business investment and hiring and that the overall burden of existing regulations is so high that firms have reduced their hiring."

Typical progressives trying to use a "white paper" to spread propaganda and convince us that their academic superiority is the truth.

The attempted social engineering perpetrated by progressives with little or no basis in reality is astounding and knows no bounds and the unintended consequences even more astounding.

The graph speaks for itself as regulations started to spike under Pelosi's speakership but have skyrocketed since the Obama regime has gotten power.

This by no means excuses Bush for his role in the quick regulatory rise.

Cass Sustein has been trying to convince anyone who will listen that the numbers are lower but it is hard to argue with the facts.

No amount of progressive word or number trickery will work.

His numbers are especially contorted because besides trying a "Bush" comparison his only include the rules that his office reviewed while excluding the tsunami coming from "independent" agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission or the 259 new rules mandated by the Dodd-Frank financial re-regulation law along with it's further 188 other rule suggestions.

He also negates the administrations role in the National Labor Board through appointees and forgets the onslaught coming down the pike should Obamacare gain traction or the EPA's attempts to regulate carbon.

The current number of major new rules is 149, which is an historic high.

Yet the rule making rate and the number continue to surge under the Regime.


"As for costs, Mr. Sustein estimates that the total costs of the first two years of this administration's executive branch regulation range between $8 billion and $16.5 billion. The Heritage Foundation puts the total, including agencies at $40 billion, compared to $60 billion over the life of the Bush administration."

"One problem with all such estimates is that they are based on self-reporting by government. Some agencies like the EPA have a habit of exaggerating benefits and hiding costs, but more importantly its analysis is done before the rules take effect in the real world. Often the true cost of regulation isn't merely compliance but slower growth that diminishes consumer welfare by allocating capital and labor to less valuable or productive uses."

Every survey or CEO I have read or seen on TV has said forthright that they are holding back on HIRING and INVESTING because this administration has created a regulatory hell and as it continues to unfold they are lying low.


"The evidence is overwhelming that the Obama regulatory surge is one reason the current economic recovery has been so lackluster by historic standards. Rather than nurture an economy trying to rebuild confidence after a financial heart attack, the administration pushed through its now-famous blitz of liberal policies on health care, financial services, energy, housing, education and student loans, telecom, labor relations, transportation and probably some other industries we've forgotten. Anyone who thinks this has only minimal impact on business has never been in business."

The bloated federal government is out of control and has been for some time intruding in our lives, in our businesses with their knee jerk reactions to every thing they think they can control of course for our own good, of course to protect us from bad people,  bad corporations, and of course from ourselves.

From 1996 - 1999 there were 15,286 more federal regulations  that went into effect with who knows what unintended consequences not to mention the cost.

The federal government has spawned entire legions and industries of accountants, lawyers, and consultants who's existence feeds off the knowledge of these regulations and their interpretation.

Imagine how much money businesses and industry spends every year on all this insanity?

One current small example from Obamacare is that just 6 pages of the 2500 plus page behemoth has produced 429 pages of new regulations.

God help us if the entire lousy bill in put into effect.

Folks it is time to drastically drastically REDUCE the SIZE and SCOPE of the federal government and return it to a more humane vision that our founders intended before we slip into serfdom.

VOTE OBAMA and his MINIONS OUT in 2012.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Fairness" depends on your definition of what "is - is"

Now that  Obumbler has incarnated so many presidents of the past  - Regan, Lincoln, Truman, Wilson, FDR and failed to convince any one of a comparison he is  now trying Teddy Roosevelt, a progressive republican and trader to the conservative movement hoping to move to the progressive middle if there is such a thing.

Since "hope and change" have died his Keynesian economic plans have failed and are in the toilet and unemployment  is still really way above 9%, in desperation he continues the demagoguery, lies, and class warfare mime with the added strategy of "FAIRNESS".

I am guessing he thinks he can fool everyone a second time with this new strategy as progressives always just change the words or the "phrase of the day" but there evil ego maniacal  intent remains the same.

David Harsanyi put it best in his article on Real Clear Politics  

"Obama vs. Capitalism":

"In  Teddy Roosevelt's era, President Obama explained to the nation this week, "some people thought massive inequality and exploitation was the price of progress.   ....But Roosevelt also knew that the free market has never been a free license to take whatever you want from whoever you can."

"And he's right. Even today there are  people who believe they should have free license to take whatever they want from whomever they can.  They're called DEMOCRATS.

That statement sums it all up and is brilliant because just like "it depends on what your definition of is - is" or "hope and change" "FAIRNESS" can mean anything anyone wants it to be.

For the socialist-in-chief most can imagine that he thinks fairness is "spreading the wealth around" through more taxes on the rich, more regulations forced on private industry and business, and of course much more government spending to give every one a "FAIR SHOT"

He thinks the defining moment of our time is "the middle class struggle to find a decent life" which is double speak considering his polices have done MORE to impede middle class growth.

For myself the defining moment of our time will be sending him on a permanent golfing holiday so we can return to our core principals envisioned by the founders and rid ourselves of the disease of progressivism.

Back to "fairness",  in fact one could argue that the country has actually gotten more "fair" - the richest 1% now pay 40% of all federal taxes, up from 25% two decades ago, while the bottom half pays just 2%, down from 6% two decades ago, and the federal government has exploded in size and spending is way up as a percent of GDP and HE STILL WANTS MORE?

What is really "UNFAIR" is that his policies have produced a dribbling economy that's hurt everyone and especially the middle class.

The IBO (Independent Budget Office) reported recently that household income has dropped 7% since the recession ended in 2009.  
Unemployment is HIGHER since Obumbler took office, home prices are significantly lower, inflation is exploding and inequality has certainly risen.

But who has benefited from Obumbler"s reign?

The vary people he publicly vilifies and then sneaks off to fund raisers were he charges $38,500 per couple for the honor of dining with his lordship.

The IBO reports corporate profits are up 69% and Wall Street investors are smiling as the dow is up 45% since he bailed everyone out and the FED continues the pump to prop up the economy.

Obama explained the roots of the problem as,
"Over the last few decades, huge advances in technology have allowed businesses to do more with less, and made it easier for them to set up shop and hire workers anywhere in the world….Steel mills that needed 1,000 employees are now able to do the same work with 100, so that layoffs were too often permanent, not just a temporary part of the business cycle….If you were a bank teller or a phone operator or a travel agent, you saw many in your profession replaced by ATMs or the Internet."
This Luddite analysis fundamentally misconceives the role of technology in a modern economy.  Such advancing technology increases worker productivity, and hence wages and standards of living.  Technological progress over the decades is why the average American worker in 2000 enjoyed 7 times the standard of living of the average American worker in 1900.

Does this man even think or does he think we are stupid?

The hypocrisy of this regime knows no bounds - they all deserve to be in JAIL along with the rest of the corrupt political elite/class who benefit from such things as insider trading while the rest of us struggle.

At least we can say with certainty that Obumblers latest speech in Kanas dropped all pretenses of his distain for the free markets and the Republic in favor of the progressive vision for BIG GOVERNMENT and SOCIALISM/STATISM/THE NANNY STATE.

Truly America is at a cross roads in history where we can regain our sanity and return to core principals of the founders and the Republic or slide down the road to SERFDOM.

Obumbler is dangerious and needs to be voted into retirement.