Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes a Picture Tells it All - the Truth Works in Mysterious Ways

What a great photo!!!
Doubtful this shows up in the lame stream media?
Obumbler has really succeeded in uniting the world, healing the planet, reverse the rising tides.

Progressives/demoRats are such fools, so arrogant and in denial about their abilities to do any thing except abuse power, cronyism, and corruption.

Despite ones opinion of Bush he tried to be compassionate while having progressive tendencies but at least he really loved this country and our men and women in uniform and did not try and fundamentally transform the Republic away from a meritocracy of individualism and personal responsibility toward collectivism/big government and an entitlement nanny state.

Obumbler, Moochele and rest of the minions have got to GO!


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