Friday, December 16, 2011

"Hog Heaven"

I don't know about some of you out there but I am so sick of the political theater surrounding every day life and our culture these days.
Whether it is Obumbler's constant lies, tyranny, demagoguery, constant use of envy and class warfare or Mitt the flip flop or Newt the whore the media is always directing our attention to their agenda instead of getting down to actually solving problems only pretending to be concerned while DOING NOTHING.
It just seems to be getting worse and frankly these days the republicans seem just as bad as the progressives passing legislation which flies in the face of the constitution for example being to able to arrest and detain an American citizen indefinitely in America or the latest commandeering of free
speech through the internet?
This is all just to outrageous.

What is going on here folks?

I content that the political elite will never actually solve any problems regardless of party for the simple reason that they want to hold on to their power.
If they actually did something instead of the band-aide approach or a placation now and then we frankly would not need them - God forbid.
This is the reason the founders warned us about the political class and full time politicans.
Somewhere along the line at the turn of the century progressives through fear and loathing convinced every one that the federal government was the answer to all their problems and of course they were the government, so much for states rights.
All our real problems were magnified and the political elite was born of course only to help us, keep us safe, protect us from the evil corporations, evil people and protect us from ourselves all at the massive cost of our freedoms.
And they continue to erode what little freedoms we have left.

Obumbler recent spewed in a speech that America is still the most free economic system in the world.
I guess he has never been to Hong Kong or Singapore where business is much freer and unregulated than here we at least still make the top ten at NUMBER 9.

I digress from my original intent of this post to find some amusement and hilarity in our culture.

Any of you notice the brief storm of controversy surrounding the administration's first supporting a ban on any roundup of the wild horses/mules/donkeys and then allowing it to go forward and going so far as to OK HORSE MEAT for AMERICANS.
Obumbler is so enamored with Europe you would think he knew horse meat is regularly consumed there.
Imagine how many animal rights activists and other left wing radicals he pissed off although these people are also often the environmentalists which would seem at odds with the eco damage these herds do.

Enter the machinations of the reality show folks who have brought us everything from dirty jobs, building choppers, gold mining to truck driving just to name a few.
So when I first saw A&E's show American Hoggers and then Lady Hoggers I knew we were on to something good.

They had ALL the elements  RUGGED INDIVIDUALISTS (self proclaimed rednecks),  GUNS AGLORE,  HUNTING with DOGS,  OFF ROAD VEHICLES,  CHARITY (suppling needy families and food banks with food), and the FREEDOM of the OPEN RANGE to really piss off progressives, liberals, animal rights activists,  lefty environmentalist,  PETA, vegans, and assorted vegheads and to make their heads explode for a change while they are probably whining that is what is wrong with America.

Check out these two shorts I found on You Tube.

American Hoggers promo

Lady Hoggers short

I was amazed by the dogs their training and coordinated attacks on the pesky hogs which apparently multiply like rabbits, often carry disease and lice, and destroy everything in their environment.
The dogs are either scent dogs or catch dogs and there is real danger not only to the dogs but the hunters as well.
After getting the scent the pack runs the hog down while the catch dogs come from behind grabbing the hog by the ears and holding them until their owners come and pin the hog down and tie it up.
Pretty exciting stuff although graphic for some.


Thank God their political correctness and down right totalitarian attitude has not extended itself to every thing - MAYBE THERE IS HOPE.

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