Monday, December 26, 2011

Obumbler's Lies, Gaffes, and more Lies

Since the lame stream media refuses to report on this regime with any accuracy or truth it is important to remember all the past promises, distortions, and out right lies being perpetrated daily especially by our Dear Leader.

Folks the really BIG BIG progressive LIE is that the huge, unwieldy, out of control GOVERNMENT is here to HELP you, keep you SAFE, Protect you from all those EVIL corporations and EVIL people who only want to take ADVANTAGE of you, and of course because they think they know better Protect you from YOURSELF because God forbid you are not as SMART as they are or capable of taking CARE of yourself.

Progressivism created the POLITICAL class/elite at the turn of the century when through FEAR and LOATHING, CLASS WARFARE and ENVY they convinced EVERYONE of the NEED for BIG GOVERNMENT does that sound familiar today?

The other progressive lie is that it is economically sustainable but as we observe the European Union crumbling under its own weight of debt through entitlements and promises it can no longer afford or keep it is obvious that this too is complete and utter nonsense and a myth conjured by John M. Keynes the progressives economic guru who has been proven wrong time and time again yet progressive still blindly maintain the faith or are fooled by believing in some miracle.

History as shown that central planning and collectivism are FAILURES why don't progressives believe the facts? 

What happen to our Republic - the idea of a MERITOCRACY were hard work, personal responsibility, and vision were the formula for success? 

Our founders warned us about professional politicans and the rise of a political class but we did not listen and let fear and uncertainty sway us from our founding principals in favor of false promises which have only deepened and accelerated our slide toward serfdom.

This administration/regime's redistributive methods and ideas will only cause a "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION" that will reduce America to third world status by spreading the misery to everyone equally except the political elite who will continue their status quo with the rational that they are needed to help and protect the rest of us ie. the Soviet Union style politburo who shopped in separate stores, drove foreign cars, and lived in much larger accommodations - the hypocrisy at that time was just astounding and the people were DUPED just like today as the useful idiots line up in support of all the promised carrots while the sharp end of the stick waits behind their master's back.

Once again as Thomas Jefferson said:

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have."  

Pause for a moment watch and remind yourselves of the audacity of not only this president but the news media that provides him cover.


A small sampling of falsehoods and deceptions by our Dear Leader

Our smartest and most eloquent president ever in action - he is just so brilliant it is not to be believed.

A few more choice statements by our Dear Leader that just are not quite what they seem.

Talk to your friends and family remember and remind them of when getting ahead meant hard work, vision, and persistence.
Especially speak with your children as they have been bombarded with progressive propaganda and attempts at indoctrination in our failing school system and corrupted university system.
And above all VOTE in 2012 we have to rid ourselves of this scourge or risk a point of NO RETURN.  

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