Saturday, June 18, 2011

Burnt Weenie Sandwich

You have to love Frank Zappa!
His album title from 1970 seems very appropriate and timely in leu of the whole Anthony Weiner affair.

Finally he is GONE god knows why he took this long to resign when we all knew he was lying from the start.

It was obvious from the beginning he was lying.

He made no effort to get authorities involved that was the first clue.

The arrogant and combative yet vague nature of the press conferences he requested was the second clue.

His attempted try at deflection of the blame to Andrew Breitbart was the third clue.

I find it simply amazing the brazen balls this little loud mouth twit can muster.

How many times did he stand in front of Congress (being the attack dog for the progressives) bellowing loudly denouncing Republican efforts or slandering private citizens like Glenn Beck over gold speculation (which Glenn was right it has increased 40% since his attack).

Worse still and few have commented was the predatory nature of his indiscretions as he forced his sexual innuendoes on these unsuspecting women.
He is just a creep with political cover.

It came out that he tweeted he viewed himself with a mask and cape a "super hero"  fighting the evil Republicans and fighting for the poor serfs (convenient that demoRats keep them serfs) he is supposed to serve.

This guy has serious "pathological altruism" issues coupled with a huge EGO and the progressive mindset that no matter what he does or says he is justified because after all he is on the correct side of the argument and one of the progressive club who would come to his rescue.

How many times did he stare in the camera and with straight face pathologically lie about the whole affair.

But be that as it may for at least 10 days progressives/liberals tried to defend, rationalize, and excuse his abhorrent behavior.

Everyone and everything except Weiner was to blame.

Progressives never take responsibility for their words and deeds.
They always rationalize an out for themselves.

It was not the phone sex, cyber sex, contact with under age girls, or the BAD pictures.


They just do not seem to get it - LYING is BAD, not morally acceptable.

How could anyone believe any thing he ever says again or take him seriously for that matter.

But then as fate would have it the really damning pictures and recipients came forward and Weiner's lies got bigger and bigger as his anatomical parts shriveled even smaller.

As he finally left we learned he has NO law license or any other discernible skills to fall back on in fact he was just a political hack lifer stemming from his days as Chuckie's lackey.

We learned he has a little over 5 million dollars  raised for his run for mayor.
Given his love of the oppressed people, the middle class little guys he can by law donate that money to charity.

He should donate it to the charities in his district that he embarrassed by his BAD behavior.

Every time he whored himself in front of the media I thought less and less of him only to have my impressions and intuitive feelings confirmed as my dislike grew.

It is often that those who scream the loudest fall the hardest being the biggest hypocrites.

GOOD RIDDANCE - Congress will hopefully be a little better place in his absence.


Hardnox said...

Good post. That was my beef with this whole sorid affair from the get go.

Again, this highlights that liberals have no standards at all.

Hardnox said...

One more thing...

a buddy just sent me a note claiming that Anthony Weiner and Eric Holder might team up and take a run against Obama next year.

Get your Weiner-Holder bumper stickers now. :)