Friday, June 10, 2011

Progressivism - Hypocrisy, Unintended Consequences, and Pathological Altruism

Progressives are driven by a need for progress for a supposed better future.
But what is the better future  they are advocating for?
This is never explained or articulated only left in nebulous terms (why commit?).

I would contend that most progressives have honest good intentions when approaching problems or looking for answers but unfortunately this striving for "good" instead of just living it by example has become a kind of sickness "pathological altruism" which allows the ends to be justified by any means.  (adjective)

1. of or pertaining to pathology
2. caused by or involving disease; morbid
3. caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition: a pathological liar

al.tru.ism  (noun)

1. the principle or practice of unselfish concern or devotion to the welfare of others

This unintended consequence of wanting to do "good" becomes  pathological which often manifests itself in a negative way some times in an evil way as seen through out history.

For progressives doing "good" means they can say and do as they please because they have morality and "good" on their side.

Since the ends justify the means progressives will always leave room to maneuver when brought under a critical eye and made to answer for their indiscretions and hypocrisies with a mob mentality.

One HUGE progressive hypocrisy which literally sticks in my throat is our recent fore ray into Libya need I say our 3rd war for supposedly humanitarian grounds to save the poor innocent people form genocide who just want dignity and freedom.

Besides the absence of our anti-war movement which crucified Bush in the press (he at least told congress and did not just ignore them)  the larger picture hypocrisy for me is a moral one.
Let me preface this by saying I believe a persons body is his or hers to use or abuse free will - free choice.
My moral dilemma is the hypocrisy of progressives supporting an illegal act of war by this president killing innocents and Gadhafi supporters alike yet railing against Republicans for wanting to cut off funds to the Planned Parenthood  MURDER machine which kills over 300 THOUSAND babies a year.
Where is all the MORAL outrage at the killing of all those innocents?
Tax payers should NOT have to contribute to any form of genocide.

Progressives strive to find a "one size fits all" solution to our societal problems but this has never in all of history worked because we are all individuals (go figure) and BIG GOVERNMENT collectivists solutions besides taking away our freedoms and liberties have other unintended consequences their  authors  never see coming.
Perhaps they are not as smart as they think.
And often the so-called "science" or "social science" used to justify these actions and choices come from hermetic out of touch academics with no bearing on reality.

That is why I have maintained that Cass Sunstein author of "Nudge" and Regulatory Czar is one of the most dangerous people in our government.

One overwhelming example of big government ineptness and the resulting calamity would be when President Johnson enacted the "war on poverty" with the noble idea to end poverty through prosperity for the poor and a compassionate government.

On the surface this all seems like the right thing to do if the government central planners had a real solution.

After decades and poverty program after poverty program and TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars some 12% of our population is still below the governmental poverty line after 40 years of GOOD INTENTIONS.

I maintain this has had the unintended consequences of holding this portion of society back from freeing themselves economically.

Whites and blacks both have been affected adversely by these policies in different ways because welfare became a business no one can easily walk away from producing in effect a serf class that is beholding to their political masters.

Another unintended consequence of welfare was to help with the disintegration or the breaking up of the black family that spurred the rise of illegitimacy.

In the 1940's illegitimacy among blacks was 14% today it is 72% almost 73% a huge increase.
Racism is not the problem the big government is.

You tell me have welfare entitlement programs worked or helped in any way?

Not to mention the very successful "war on drugs" more big government meddling.

Then there is EDUCATION were we have spent BILLIONS and BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars with no increase in educational value as we spend more than most countries per student with far worse results for our money yet progressives/liberals think lack of funding is the problem?

Makes my head want to explode or my eyes bleed.

Our public schools are a mess and getting worse one unintended or intended consequence is that the successful solution the voucher system and charter schools are fought against by the unions and the political hacks who support them despite whether it is for the betterment of our children.

Progressives are ensconced in our schools and universities transforming a great school system in to a propaganda machine devoid of teaching critical thinking and other valuable creative skills as the politically correct as taken over common sense.

The media is guilty too as "Hollywood" has finally admitted its pushes a progressive agenda through TV and movies oh what a big surprise.

But the hypocrisies of the news media still goes on unchecked and at this point is laughable at the absurdity and demagoguery surrounding their constant drone against conservatives, conservative radio and Fox News.
They are fearful weak minded people who believe they hold the intellectual and moral high ground and project their fears and their own deeds on others through twisted criticism, out right lies and paranoia.

With Soros spending some 48 million dollars influencing progressive media we must take some action to stop support of those useful idiots he relies on.
I do not think any of us want to live in a George Soros world.
More progressive hypocrisies and pathologies to come some thing new every day - they just can not help themselves.
They are desperate after the rejection of their agenda last November.
Progressivism = Totalitarianism
Educate yourself
Think be critical


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