Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Money - Money who has the money? OooooPs 6.5 BILLION gone?

Last week while every one was transfixed on the end of the Weiner the other hand was busy at work and several interesting stories went largely unnoticed.

One in particular that caught my eye was the latest big government debacle proving once again that the government can not do ANYTHING correctly has hard as they may try and even that is debatable in the meantime.

It seems the Social Security Administration has misplaced, gave away, or overpaid 6.5 BILLION $'s of our tax money in 2009, including $4 BILLION under a supplemental income program for the very poor, and one can only IMAGINE how much more went astray or was overpaid in the subsequent years of 2010 and today in 2011????

The inspector general for Social Security Patrick P.  O"Carroll Jr. said in all about 10% of the payments made by the agency's Supplemental Security Income program were IMPROPER as the program has strict limits on income and assets and most of the overpayments went to people who did not report all their resources (nice way of saying they lied and cheated).

And surprise surprise there were 1.5 BILLION $'s in underpayments too for a GRAND total of 8 BILLION $"s worth of government errors in Social Security in 2009.

But wait it gets better and better throughout the whole federal government improper payments totaled 125 BILLION $'s last year up from 110 BILLION $'s in 2009.

In 2009 the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor both had MORE improper payments than Social Security according to O'Carroll.

So it would appear that cronyism, fraud and corruption are a staple and on the rise in the "most transparent" administration of all time.

Where is the coward Attorney General Holder?

This is typical progressive/liberal activity of robbing the bank while in power and nobody is looking.

On top of the outrageousness of the situation these are the very people who think they can run the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM...........what a joke!!! 

Progressivism = Totalitarianism

Folks this is just further proof that the federal government is out of control and NEEDS to be LIMITED to it's constitutional authority only and leave the STATES alone.

The federal government needs to get over itself and get real remembering who the BOSS is or face the consequences of their actions.

Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of over spending need to put the COUNTRY first and stop the insanity in Washington.

It is NO WONDER the country is BROKE and going down the tubes.

Thanks to Stephen Ohlemacher of the AP for his article on this subject.

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