Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Voter Rolls Inaccurate: Voter Fraud A Reality or Perception?

On several websites today a new study by the Pew Center shows that in the voter rolls there are gross inaccuracies, they are out of date or are riddled with duplicates.
Here are just a few examples of the story.

Big Government
Study: 1 in 8 US voter registrations have errors
by Mike Baker


NY Times
Voter Rolls Are Rife With Inaccuracies
by Adam Liptak


USA Today
Pew Study: 1 in 8 voter records flawed
by Gregory Korte

http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/story/2012-02-10/pew-study-inaccurate-voter-registration- rolls/53083406/1

This is a typical problem with BIG GOVERNMENT.
The bureaucrats are incapable of even keeping the voter registration rolls correct or up to date.
This is systematic of a bloated, ineffective, inefficient system were the tax payer is yet again compromised by the very system that is supposed to protect our God given rights and keep our most scared right to vote free from collusion and corruption.
Many bureaucrats in states complain about costs to be proactive.
I would submit that if the federal government used the $1.6 billion they spend on free cell phones for the parasite class in this country this would probably be more than enough for states to update their systems and provide links to compare multiple state registrations. 


"OLYMPIA, WASH. (AP) - Some 24 million voter registrations in the United States contain significant errors, including about 1.8 million dead people still on the rolls and many more approved to vote in multiple states, according to a report released today."

While the study indicates the inaccuracies impact 1 in 8 registrations they don't see it as an indicator of widespread fraud.

Given the state of partisanship in the country in the last decade one has to wonder if this statement is at all accurate or just a statement to deflect the truth and calm further examination of the facts?


"Some 1.8 million deceased people are still listed as active voters, according to the study, which is based on a computer analysis of a proprietary voter database used by the DEMOCRATS. Researchers believe 12.7 million records do not reflect the current addresses of active voters while 12 million contain address inaccuracies, including those that make it unlikely that mail could reach them.
Some of the files contain multiple problems, with Pew estimating that a total of 24 million have problems."

The ever present outcry from progressives/liberals/demoRats that conservatives are trying to disenfranchise the voters rights of minorities and others one has to wonder especially given the fact that the study is based on a PROPRIETARY VOTER DATABASE USED BY THE DEMOCRATS what is really going on here.

Their constant push back and protest brings to mind an old adage which would suggest to me that as usual what progressives are complaining about is a projection that they themselves are guilty of and draws attention away from any one considering they are the ones committing voter fraud.

Thou dost protest too much is an old saying that suggests when someone goes to great lengths to deny their involvement or interest in a certain subject, they are actually guilty of the aforementioned.  

Progressives/liberals/demoRats would have us believe that requiring a photo ID to vote and a registration process that is conducted before the election not the same day is some how detrimental to the rights of the poor and disadvantaged even though there is NO empirical data to support such a claim.

Every country in the world which holds elections requires its citizens to show an ID to vote.
Even India a country with huge poverty problems compared to the U.S. requires an ID and the impoverished some how manage to acquire and afford the proper ID to participate. 

This study brings new questions to light which must be answered if we are believe our scared right to cast a vote is unfettered by collusion and corruption.

I would suggest that demoRats are well aware of the inaccuracies and use the slack laws governing voting to their advantage and therefore rush to point the finger at Republicans for wanting to use common sense and standard practices used elsewhere.

While living in Chicago, I learned it was common practice for demoRats to hire buses drive them to the south side areas fill them up at the many housing projects and other community centers (which are funded by the way with city, state, and federal funds)
tell the people who to vote for with the promise of cigarettes, booze, and or money.
Then drive them around to various polling stations to vote.
With such lax voting laws and obvious inaccuracies in the records it is easy to imagine multiple voting going on.

Take a few minutes and watch James O'Keefe's recent undercover video of his team attempting to vote under DEAD peoples registration with little or no resistance from the polling officials. This is frightening stuff.
How much of this is a commonplace?
Is voter fraud occurring?
In Chicago it was always a joke about how many dead people managed to vote.
With 1.8 million deceased on the rolls it would be an easy task to organize especially when you own the PROPRIETARY VOTER DATABASE. 

Progressivism is the disease infecting the Republic folks.
Their relativistic view allows them to rationalize any of their actions including VOTER FRAUD.
To them the ends always justify the means.
Progressivism = Totalitarianism
We must VOTE all progressives out of office regardless of party if we are to have any hope of saving our Republic.

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