Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Progressivism Is The New Totalitarianism In Disguise

If anyone is skeptical of the progressive's growing attempts to squash their opposition through any means you need only read a few of the growing list of articles and posts listed below.

Obama disses the Constitution every chance he gets from his "Czars" to his illegal recess appointments he is making a mockery of our country as he continues his "transformation".

Obama's regulatory czar Cass Sunstein is the most dangerous man second to Obumbler himself.
Sunstein with Obumbler's blessing has added 46 major new regulations expected to cost the private sector businesses at least a $100 million in added compliance costs.

Creating the Consumer Finance Protection Board headed by the illegally appointed Richard Cordray is supposed to protect us against the evil corporations and banks that would prey on us but in effect only increases costs to consumers and provides the government with the means to keep their finger on every thing we are doing but of course for our own good.

Other examples such as the illegal appointments are the three new members of the Labor Relations Board to stack it in favor of his Big Labor buddies.

The Tea Parties are now under attack by the IRS not only questioning their meager bank accounts but demanding lists of their contributors, and boards.

Where is the IRS questioning Media Matters nonprofit status as progressives mainly Soros funnel millions and millions of dollars to a political smear machine that spews progressive propaganda.

Where is the IRS in questioning the Occupy movement's very large bank accounts, especially compared to the Tea Parties, and their expenditures and disappearing monies? 

Obumbler's use of Wilson's espionage act to silence whistle blowers from exposing government illegalities and mismanagement is unprecedented. 

He is using 6 different federal agencies and intimidating them into silence sending a very clear message clean house and shut your mouths.

We are under ATTACK folks from all sides and unfortunately while we were busy WORKING, raising our FAMILIES, and paying our TAXES progressives have successfully infiltrated our schools and universities, our RELIGION, most of the media, taken over the environmental movement, big labor, and established special interest groups of every type imaginable through their POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and SECULAR FUNDAMENTALISM all under the guise of "PROGRESS".

They have a 100 year head start on us and we are very near a tipping point I believe.

And it is not only happening here but in many nations around the world also under the guise of "progress" and "democracy" forgetting that we here are a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC not a pure democracy which is more akin to socialism and communism.

Perhaps the "One World Government" conspiracy theorists are actually on to something - George Soros is certainly trying hard to ensure "open borders" and the collapse of the dollar.

The are trying to erase our faith, our principles, and trying to divide our families and CONTROL OUR YOUTH who are our future.

Excerpt from "The New Authoritarianism":

"Much of this administration's approach has to do with a change in the nature of liberal politics. Today's progressives cannot be viewed primarily as pragmatic Truman- or Clinton-style majoritarians. Rather, they resemble the medieval clerical class. There goal is governmental control over everything from what sort of climate science is permissible to how we choose to live our lives. Many of today's progressives can be dogmatic in their beliefs as the most strident evangelical minister or mullah. Like Al Gore declaring the debate over climate change is closed, despite the Climate-gate e-mails and widespread skepticism, the clerisy takes its beliefs as based on absolute truth. Critics lie beyond pale."

"The problem for the clerisy lies in political reality. The countries largely suburban and increasingly Southern electorate does not see big government as its friend or wise liberal mandarins as the source of its salvation. This sets up a potential political crisis between those know what's good and a presumptively ignorant majority. Obama is burdened, says Joel Klein of Time, by governing a "a nation of dodos" that is "to dumb to thrive," as the title of his story puts it, without the guidance of our president. But if the people are too deluded to cooperate, elements in the progressive tradition have a solution: European-style governance by a largely unelected bureaucratic class."

This folks is the continual PROGRESSIVE LIE that the government is only here to keep us safe and protect us from the evil corporations and evil people like conservatives who only want to take advantage of us and of course because they believe they are smarter than everyone one else (smacks of social engineering) protect us from ourselves because God forbid we can not decide or take care of ourselves.

Bill Maher is another progressive like Klein who believes everyone except himself are to dumb to manage our own lives and need the oh so enlightened government to do it for us.


"Their authoritarian progressivism - at odds with the democratic, pluralistic traditions, within liberalism - tends to evoke science, however contested, to justify its authority. The progressives themselves are, in Daniel Bell's telling phrase, "the priests of the machine." Their views are fairly uniform and can be seen in "progressive legal theory," which displaces the seeming plain meaning of the Constitution with constructions derived from the perceived needs of a changing political environment. Belief in affirmative action, environmental justice, health-care reform, and redistribution from the middle-class to the poor all find foundation there. More important still is a radical environmental agenda fervently committed to the idea that climate change has a human origin - a kind of secular notion of original sin. But these ideas are not widely shared by most people. The clerisy may see in Obama "reason Incarnate," as George Packer of the New Yorker put it, but the majority of the population remains more concerned about long-term unemployment and a struggling economy than rising sea levels or the need to maintain racial quotas."

They are trying to OVERWHELM us and collapse the system they seem to hate and have disdain for so they can have all the POWER and CONTROL because they think simply that they KNOW BETTER.

The arrogance and audacity of progressives is just unbelievable. 

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