Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Is Going on in the World's Economies? Are You Prepared?

Are you aware that the world's public and private debt exceeds 300%  of the world's GDP.

This is not the stuff of conspiracy theories but a FACT.

Folks it is no longer when the proverbial SH*T storm will hit the fan but when.
The world seems to be on the brink or continuing on the brink of crumbling economically yet the tone coming from this administration and the media is hardly reflective of the immensity of the problem.

In fact our pretender-in-chief has divided America into a "good" America, and a "rich" America.
And to get votes he is gleefully fomenting hatred toward the "rich" as he uses demagoguery, outright lies and amped-up class warfare as a campaign strategy.
More on that later.

Some in the markets believe this whole down turn started back in the 1990's with the Asian market crisis.
And what happened, Asia's debts were considered dangerously high and its banks' balance sheets not reflective of this reality.
Interest rates soared, equity markets plummeted, banks failed, and currencies collapsed.

Next came the current on-going European or EU problems with the PIGs (Portugal,Ireland, Greece) rapidly approaching default and all the bailout talk and the sudden realization that "progressive socialism/statism/NANNY state" is not SUSTAINABLE and along with MULTICULTURALISM has FAILED.
Subsequently Italy and Spain have joined the malay of possible default.

What Greece has shown us (debt 120% of GDP before the crisis and 170% today after reforms) is that austerity without a real plan for vigorous economic growth is doomed to failure.
The larger danger is that the ballooning debt will reach a tipping point when financial markets conclude the debt cannot be repaid without instigating political chaos.
The experts are such geniuses.

What has happened?
Their citizens do not like the austerity measures necessary or perceived to be necessary to bring their economies under control.
For example the Greeks rioting and protesting the raising of their retirement age from like 50 to 52 and other austerity measures which their entitlement mentality could not imagine.
The EU could very well collapse and some rumor that Germany is already printing Marks again.

With Europe in trouble the next domino to start falling is the United States.
Our political class keeps telling us that that public debt risk troubles are years away we have nothing to worry about move along nothing to see.
DemoRats refused to entertain a balanced budget amendment or a significant reduction in the size and scope of the federal government. 

We have a huge spending problem but demoRats want you to believe it is a revenue problem and taxes have to go up because the "rich" are not paying their fair share which is a in itself is a huge disconnect from reality.
The "rich" already pay the vast majority of the taxes.
The top 10% of income earners pay some 70% of federal income taxes.

But the FED prints and prints more money inflation has been rising, the dollar keeps sinking in value and their is more and more global talk of ditching the dollar as the reserve currency.
Imagine if that were to happen and billions maybe trillions of dollars flood back to us making the dollar totally worthless.

With all the uncertainty and chaos happening around us - what is one to do?

I think we should prepare for the worst.

Richard Kiyosaki said it best "build the five 'G's"

Ground (real estate)
Gold (physical gold and silver reserves)
Grub (food supplies and water)
Gas (oil and gasoline sources)
GUNS (lots of guns and ammunition)

In the moment here in America we are locked in a fight for the REPUBLIC.
Progressives are desperate and will do anything not to lose power and to further their agenda.

This coincides with the current "Occupy" forces which have spread all over the world.

It would appear that several groups from the left are uniting (even though they disagree ideologically) with the express purpose of ending capitalism and the western way of life. 
In Europe riots over austerity measures are common. 
The Arab spring in the end will not be anything "democratic" but will facilitate the formation of an Caliphate.

Our political leaders are the "political class" and they are not telling us the whole story or the truth.

START to gather the five 'G's
It is better to be over prepared than to be surprised!!!

Thanks to David M. Smick's article "Losing the Economic Battle" published in the Weekly Standard for bringing some of this to light.

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