Thursday, October 20, 2011

Progressives Revisionist History - Conservatives are once again the Regressives

As the president and the progressives continue to slide into obscurity once again they are becoming more and more bold in their desperate attempts to hold on to power.
They are obviously still in denial after the "shellacking" they took in November and the fact that American have REJECTED their collectivist agenda in favor of freedom, individualism, and personal responsibility.
The president continues to travel around campaigning although claiming he is really promoting his jobs bill nobody wants outright outrageous lying, still resorting to demagoguery and elevated class warfare talk.

The Occupy Wall Street event is pure jealousy on the part of the lefties who could not stand the idea that they were out protested by the Tea Parties last year and are part of a wider world "one government" movement calling for the destruction of capitalism and the western way of life but never quite elaborate what the new improved system will be?
Suddenly the lame stream media who hated, demeaned, call them racists, anti-america are now trying to compare the Tea Parties to the OWS crowd.

I don't know about you folks but I do not see many minority faces in the OWS crowds and in fact there has been lots of anti-semitic talk but no media attention.

And there is NO comparison to the Tea Parties who are working people who contribute to society that are for limited government, STOPPING SPENDING, and balancing the budget while the OWS crowd seems to be a bunch of slackers for big government, anti-capitalists, anti-corporations who want everything given or supplied by the government through entitlements and collectivism.

Progressives/socialists/communists/liberals/demoRats/anarchists/environmentalists/and assorted lefty trash are upping the ante they are pressing for chaos and revolution.

Won't the demoRat party be surprised when violence breaks out and the true agenda is exposed since the lame stream media is not covering what is really going on and they by extension are now a part of the chaos and violence.

BOLD move by the demoRats a big chance they are taking by politically aligning themselves and no doubt financially and otherwise supporting OWS.

This may be the most important election in a generation and a last chance to set the country on the right course again and trash the progressive movement.

On to Salon and the progressive bigot Robert Reich's distorted view of reality.

Robert Reich has a real problem with history and his latest bunch of lies and misrepresentations written at Salon are typical of progressivism's attempt at revisionist history.
Progressives will do or say anything to make themselves seem relevant and worthy.
I will say it again for progressives the end always justifies the means.

"A fundamental war has been waged in this nation since its founding, between progressive forces pushing us forward and regressive forces pulling us backward."

Even his opening paragraph is completely inaccurate.
The "war" he states has been going on since the turn of the century when the progressive party first came into being first with republicans and then co-opted by Wilson and FDR who implemented it throughout society where they could until people realized what was really going on.

"Progressives believe in openness, equal opportunity, and tolerance. Progressives assume we're all in it together.  We all benefit from public investments in schools and health care and infrastructure.  And we all do better with strong safety nets, reasonable constraints on Wall Street and Big Business, and a truly progressive tax system.  Progressives worry when the rich and privileged become powerful enough to undermine democracy."

Of course progressives are none of those things.
For all their openness, tolerance, diversity they exhibit the opposite constantly criticizing, demeaning, use of demagoguery, divisiveness through class warfare, divide and conquer. 
Power and control are their real agenda after all they think they are smarter and know what is best for us.
To them we all need NANNIES to help us, protect us, and keep us in LINE.

One of my biggest axes to grind with progressives is their undying support for Planned Parenthood and it's founder Margret Sanger considering their claims of tolerance, openness, diversity, women's rights and anti-violence.
Sanger was a eugenics supporter who through her organization wanted eliminate social misfits i.e. blacks and the mentally ill.
And here all the ohs and ahs for Obama supporting attacks on Libya to protect the people from genocide YET it is okay for Planned Parenthood to slaughter over 300 THOUSAND babies a year I find that immensely HYPOCRITICAL.
Planned Parenthood is a murder machine and also partially responsible for the break down of the black family culture.

He continues to claim that Republicans want to return to a time before the 1920's when their was no government protection or regulations only nasty "Robber Barons" raping the public as a whole.

Among other things (like the "gilded age" lifted the most people out of poverty than any other period) he leaves out Warren G. Harding republican president from 1921-1923 who when taking office in the throws of a mini-depression after WWI massively reduced the size and spending of the federal government and reduced taxes undoing a lot of what progressive/repressive Wilson did bringing about the "Roaring Twenties" a massive amount of wealth was created.
Thousands of people where uplifted economically and material expansion took place for the mass of the folks.
Read my other posts on the "Race Card" demoRats until Eisenhower blocked civil rights legislation and not until Johnson did they realize the political advantage in their acceptance.
And now they are the heros and Republicans are the bad guys which is exactly opposite reality.

Of course in Reich's bent mind progressives are responsible for all the great social legislation enacted since 1900 that in fact are responsible for holding people back for enslaving them while claiming to keep them safe and protect them.

"This concentration of income wealth has generated the political heft to deregulate Wall Street and halve top tax rates.  It has bankrolled the so-called Tea Party movement, and captured the House of Representatives and many state governments."

Who does Reich think donated over 30% of Obama's campaign funds in 2008?
Please who pays $35,800 per couple for dinner with the "one"?
Not rich republicans.
Progressives are such HYPOCRITES.
The Tea Party was NOT bankrolled by any one except those who participated.

And PLEASE the Republicans captured the House of Representatives and several state governments because progressives did such a lousy job, exposed their real agenda, and are more corrupt and prone to cronyism.
Notice that the states who are the worst off economically and about to default are all RUN by progressives.
Sorry Robert but the American people are smarter than you and progressives think and your AGENDA was rightly REJECTED thus the "SHELLACKING" progressives took in the mid-term elections.

Not only here has the progressive movement exposed themselves and again have been rejected but in Europe the Progressive Socialists have failed - the NANNY STATE is not sustainable their economies are crumbling the socialists/communists/progressives/liberals/environmentalists/anarchists are rioting, protesting, and unhappy that their entitlements are slipping away.




They can lie all they want, the truth WILL OUT! Obummer woke up Americans to the threat he and his ilk pose and they will lose in the end.

Northern Exposer said...

It's very simple. The economy sucks and Obama is the president. He's ultimately responsible. His approval rating (or lack thereof) means nothing. He's done.

Great blog.