Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do you ever wonder where that all those tax dollars are going of late?

Do you ever wonder where all that money is going these days?

With our economy on the brink one would think that our president and his administration 
would be more concerned about the purse strings but obviously that is not the case 
as witnessed by all the spending and spending they are doing largely to people who HATE us.

What is wrong with our government when it feels it can spend BILLIONS on BULLSHIT 
when that money would be better spent paying off the debt or at least spent in our country.

Our politicans lie to us constantly.

They are more concerned with the polls and raising money for their next election.

Special interests have more say than the average American people.

Obama seems more interested in his reelection than fixing any thing except with excuses and blaming Bush or the republicans.

He is ripping off the tax payer further by claiming his "bus tour" is political not personal and we let him get away with it?

The Political class is out of control there should not even be a political class.

We must return to strict term limits for politicans.

The founders did not conceive that a job in congress was for life or even a persons mainmeans of employment but a short term duty or service to your country.

How many congressmen and senators are millionaires?

Half of congress are millionaires.

Two thirds of senators are millionaires including our current president.

Many have hundreds of millions of dollars.

Nancy Pelosi has increased her wealth some 62% since she became a congresswoman.

Read some of the links below and as your blood boils and your temperature rises write, email, or call your congress person and senator and complain - demand accountability.

Under the circumstances this is JUST OUTRAGEOUS.

We do not need a political class but folks who are willing to work to help the country and it's people instead of taking maximum advantage of their position.

It is time for ALL citizens to get involved to stop the madness in Washington!!!
The US Gross National Debt jumped by? $238 billion to $14.580 trillion the day after the debt-ceiling 
deal was signed! Found in news around the world but, of course, NOT in the major US media.

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Bob Lobaw said...

No, I know, and so should everyone else know where our extorted tax dollars go...
Directly to the FED, a private bank, everything the IRS seizes pays interest on the national debt.
It's true, look it up.
The Grace Commission Report, 1984
NOTHING collected pays for; evil liberal make boys gay programs, nothing to get daughters preggers for an abortion, nothing to pay for interstate highway maintenance, or anything else you see as confiscated wealth going toward lazy moochers.

The fact is, Congress is the sole legal entity who can issue currency, FED crooks have us attacking each other with distractions as they laugh at the proles and their idiocy.