Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Before we were all "RACISTS" now we are all "TERRORISTS"

According to progressives/liberals/democrats conservatives and especially the Tea Parties are now terrorists waging jihad against their fellow citizens.

So proclaimed Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, and a whole slew of talking heads from the left, the progressive media and then some in lock step one after the other as though the memo was sent out this is the new talking point to discredit the Tea Parties.

It has been shouted and cried at every turn of the debt negotiations.

One point I find rather amusing and very hypocritical is that these are the very folks who will not publicly call islamic terrorists terrorists (they are misguided or freedom loving) but to DEMAGOGUE republicans and conservatives they go way way out there even going against Obama's plea for civility after the Phoenix shootings.

It is no wonder they have changed tactics because for months and months they have tried to brand the Tea Parties "racists."

It seemed every day every time one of the talking heads blabbed about something the race card was played.

Those nasty Tea Party people are just a bunch of "old white racists" trying to do away with your social justice meaning government give away goodies.

They want to push grandma over the cliff, abandon children, who denies women healthcare, starves seniors, and every other horror one can think of.

So it would seem that the old adage "RACISTS" is now replaced with the new slight or code word "TERRORISTS" since every one got sick and tried of the old baloney and did not believe it any way the left has to come together and find a new way to try and isolate and demean the Tea Parties.

The Tea Parties have garnered a lot of power and support being responsible for republicans sweeping the 2010 elections and regaining the House and this is how the left deals with it's perceived enemies.

ISOLATE and ATTACK - try and sway public opinion.

BTW I think they are still reeling, in denial and desperate after that "SHELLACKING" they took - elections do have consequences as Obummer reminded us so thoughtfully.

This is why 2012 will be so IMPORTANT to continue the removal of the progressives from office.

The reality is that even though the current proposal for raising the debt ceiling SUCKS at least we are having this conversation over our financial future because the socialist-in-chief would have just continued to spend spend spend on his way to fundamentally trying to transform America.

The TEA PARTIES deserve to be THANKED not attacked for their role in the change in Washington how ever small.

After all republicans only control a third of the government.

I find it equally amazing that through all this the compliant lame stream media made nothing of the demoRats defiance and terrorist approach to raising the debt ceiling when Bush raised it in 2006.

As usual it is okay for them to be terrorists but not republicans - Obummer himself at that time opined that "raising the debt ceiling showed lack of leadership blah blah blah."

One aspect which is most disturbing is that Obamacare never came up in the debate as it will be the single largest increase in the debt when fully implemented and 57% of America still wants it repealed and yet we hear nothing more about this terrible law.

In the end the American people are the ones who will get screwed as the corrupt bloated federal government continues to lumber along growing larger every year spending money we do not have.

How could ANYONE be against a balanced budget amendment?

"my reading of history convinces me that most BAD government results from TOO MUCH government" - Thomas Jefferson

But even as the debt goes on and spending has not really been stopped the president still owns the economy and it is not getting any better in fact:

- one in five persons does not have a job or work

- one in seven persons is on food stamps

- the average time an unemployed person remains out of work is now nine months or 36 weeks (pre-Obama average was just three months or 13 weeks

- the price of gas has risen 104% since Obama's inauguration

- unemployment has risen from 7.8% to 9.2% since Obama's inauguration

- black Americans (98% voted for Obama) are suffering the lowest levels of economic prosperity since the 1960's and the black middle class is disappearing (funny I thought it was republicans war against the middle class)

- college graduates are experiencing record unemployment - in 2006 and 2007, 90% of all college graduates found a job - in 2010, just 56% of graduates found a job.

- Obama has ADDED MORE TO THE NATIONAL DEBT than all US presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan.

It is not getting BETTER folks and I doubt that by the election on 2012 it will be any better.

Our only HOPE is to see to it that Obama and his minions are VOTED out of office and the republicans take back the Senate too.

Progressives know they are on the ropes having had their agenda rejected once already so you know that 2012 will be a very very NASTY election cycle.

We must stand strong get out the word to friends and family and VOTE!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have only a few friends that I really care about, but it's very disturbing to discover they still support Obama. Maybe it's because their jobs are stable and they don't know how bad things really are. It's a horrible feeling, sometimes I feel so very lost. How can people possibly believe that opposing spending and higher taxes is a sign of madness? "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength?" It's actually happening, and all that matters is who wins "American Idol". I could scream...

Thank you for your blog, and your comments elsewhere. It's nice to know I am not alone.

kitman3 said...

Thank you for your comment and remember you are certainly not alone we out number them by very large numbers they unfortunately have the press as their mouth piece so many are left unaware fighting every day to maintain life.
Progressivism is on the skids they are so desperate it is obvious to see as they trash the Tea Party and attempt to isolate and blame them for their bad policies.
Keep up the good fight and spread the word.

Anonymous said...

We should all be very concerned about just what a balanced budget amendment could do. The current proposed BBA shifts power and upsets the Constitutional balance: