Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Sad Sad Day for the Republic.


What a sad day for the country.

While everyone is spewing their talking points on both sides, perhaps this will be the final wake up call or rally cry for conservatives, libertarians, and independents to activate, get engaged, and make a difference in the coming election just like the "shellacking" we gave the progressives in 2010.

The Supreme Court decision to allow Obamacare to stand especially as a TAX is just outrageous.

Roberts middle ground approach makes him a COWARD.

While Congress was effectively cut off at the knees with their commerce clause expansion which would have given the government in my estimation unlimited power, letting this law stand in any form is just plan BAD for BUSINESS.
And let's not forget the numerous judicial nuances which will come out of all this - it was not a clear victory for either side.

But I still believe Obumbler and the demoRats have perpetrated a GIANT FRAUD on the COUNTRY.

During the entire Healthcare debate (ramming down our throats is more like it) Obumbler repeatedly said the "mandate" was a penalty not a tax and he would not raise our taxes YET even as he and his minions INSISTED first the "individual mandate" was a penalty not a TAX then only to use the tax argument when going before the high court completely reversing their argument and LIEING TO ALL OF US.

It must of been a transformative moment for them because they never flip-flop politically only republicans do that.

Their FRAUD also extends to the costs of this 2,700 page nightmare which was completely and purposefully underestimated and again Obumbler and the demoRats KNOWINGLY LIED to the American people.

Who is going to PAY for all this?
Todays ruling will make this law even more expensive.

We still do not even know everything incorporated in this bill and what NEW REGULATIONS will come out of it.

And as usual: 

It is obvious that our federal government is NO LONGER LISTENING to the PEOPLE we must WAKE UP Washington ourselves because nobody else is going to do it.

This administration is only interested in building their power base as they ILLEGALLY continue to "transform" the Republic.
This whole affair has always been about power and control of the federal government not health care.

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    For progressives the ends are always justified by the means.
Lying and deceit are a politicans best tools after all.

The bill still remains very unpopular polling against at around 60% on average.

This makes it even more imperative to VOTE Obumbler out of office and take back the Senate.

In 2010 the healthcare debate "WOKE THE SLEEPING GIANT" we have to rally again to change the course of events and set America again on the RIGHT track.

We must stand for LIMITED GOVERNMENT by REDUCING it's SIZE and SCOPE, a complete overhaul of the TAX system, DEREGULATION in all sectors, REPEAL and REPLACE OBAMACARE, REPEAL DODD/FRANK, rein in SPENDING and BALANCE the BUDGET, deal with ENTITLEMENT REFORM, deal with the HUGE DEFICIT, TERM LIMITS on politicans, a realistic ENERGY plan, etc.

It is up to us folks - no one is going to come rescue us from our OWN FATE. 

This is IT!

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