Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where's All His Popularity Gone?

If you read Rasmussen Reports you know they have tracked Obumbler's approval rating since his election. 

UPDATE: Obumbler continues  sink to a new LOW in his approval index.

Today May 12th the megalomaniac-in-chief hits a minus twenty-two percent (22%)

Today's Index showing a MINUS SIXTEEN (-16)
Twenty-five percent(25%) of likely voters strongly approve of the job Obumbler is doing, whereas Forty-one percent(41%) of likely voters STRONGLY DISAPPROVE of the empty suit.

From looking at this chart and following Obumbler's popularity since his election it has been a steady decline with very few bright spots or up-ticks for the many faces of the Campaigner-in-Chief, the Liar-in-Chief, the Marxist-in-Chief, the Green-Fraudster-in-Chief, the Megalomaniac-in-Chief our president "the ONE".

"Where as all his popularity gone" should be set to the musical hit by Peter, Paul & Mary written by Pete Seeger "Where have all the flowers gone".

While it is to early to tell the current trend shows Romney building in popularity as Obumbler continues to resort to his only strategy of divisiveness and his popularity declines.

And a special treat - you have to admire Dr.Manning a patriot who is putting it all out there in spite of the obvious risks involved.
Support him watch his u-tube videos and hear some of what the progressive media will never tell you. 

For those of you dreaming about putting the "dear leader" on trial, Dr. Manning has already done this claiming the rights within the Constitution to do so.

Take a few minutes to hear Dr. Manning layout the evidence.

The usurper, occupier of the WH must be voted out of office in November 2012.
We must rally our friends and families to VOTE.
DemoRats will use every trick in the book to keep hold of their power and I suspect VOTER FRAUD will be one of the dirtiest.

Volunteer to be poll watchers - the Republic needs you!!!

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