Friday, May 4, 2012

"Dreams From My Father" Full of Lies and Fraud?

Dr. James David Manning's talk about the evidence and on going research he has uncovered while investigating Obama's book "Dream's From My Father"

If you have some time listen to what the progressive media will not tell you.

This a very compelling evaluation of the many many lies and fraud committed in this work of FICTION and this is the first of more talks Dr. Manning intends to air.

Listen carefully to his beginning comments on both Moochelle and Obumbler and their current lack of their LAW LICENSES.

Having lived in Chicago in 2008 I remember reading that BOTH had voluntarily SURRENDER their LAW LICENSES but the real facts surrounding this were of course a sealed matter.

As Dr. Manning points out two people from a top law school don't do this unless they committed something egresses or where accused of an egresses act and are avoiding the consequences.

Obumbler already admitted recently through another upcoming book that he made up the NY girlfriend character from a "compression" of many girlfriends to make a point about the "racial chasm" between them.

Where in his book is there a footnote or disclaimer?
This is supposed to be an autobiography not FICTION.

This sounds very similar to the scandal of James Frey in his book "A Million Little Lies".

This scandal disgraced Oprah's  book club and caused the author huge embarrassment and redaction statements in later editions.

Will Oprah now disown Obumbler? 

Obumbler's life is a fiction - he is a made up character/empty suit long supported by radicals and progressives who wish to destroy our Republic.

Many believe Bill Ayers wrote this book and there is a lot stylistic similarities to other Ayer's material, statements, and ideologies.

Another juicy LIE Obumbler and the media have perpetuated is the whole Ayers connection.

Obumbler claims he was just a neighbor?

There is a direct connection between Tom Ayers and Obama on a number instances.

Read my earlier post on "The Postman" who met Obumbler outside Tom Ayers'  house.

It now seems there was a connection between Obumbler's grandfather and Tom Ayers. 
It was who Tom set Obama up in Chicago were he met and got involved with Bill.

It is just amazing how someone like Obumbler with all his connections to know Marxists, Communists, Radicals, even Muslim extremists has not been throughly vetted let alone can become President.

Less is really known about this man than any other President 

He is the "campaigner-in-chief" having given and made more campaign speeches and stops begging for money then the last FIVE Presidents combined.

Many military people have stated that even with the facts that are known he would NEVER have received a SECURITY CLEARANCE for any government job requiring one.

How is this POSSIBLE?

We must rid ourselves of this pathetic imposture and VOTE him out of office in 2012 - he is a disgraced to our great nation!!!


Hardnox said...

There is no doubt that Zero is an embarrassment to this country. The sad part is that there are many in high places that facilitated his rise to power.

Manning's report is refreshing. I've listened to him before. He's been on the Zero is a homo kick for while. I believe that he is indeed correct for all the reasons that he has stated plus that Zero was known to frequent gay bath-houses in Chicago. If is walks and look like a duck...

chicago board of realtors said...

When a power was was given to person by people and he just wasted, for sure it will only brings disgrace.