Monday, April 9, 2012

Hypocritical Progressive's Continue to Scream About Voter ID Laws?

Every day it seems another demoRat/progressive comes out against the racist conservatives efforts to enact voter ID laws or Eric "the racist" Holder is suing another state or blocking their enacted legal legislation wasting more of our tax payer money.

The constant drum beat that their is NO EVIDENCE of voter fraud and we are disenfranchising minorities and the elderly from their constitutional right to vote......blah blah blah ad-nauseium.

Since when is Obumbler and his cronies, minions and radical friends concerned with the Constitution?
They have shown little regard for it except when it fits their narative.

Today, besides James O'Keefe's brillant investigation of voter fraud through his uncover video team and the embarrassing FACT that one of his operatives could have voted as Eric Holder (wondering how he will explain this away if he even addresses it), is Michelle Malkin's piece which gives concrete examples of demoRat election fraud.

Whether its by voters or by political parties or their operatives FRAUD IS FRAUD and they are denying my constitutional rights by cheating. 
And if these few cases have come to light imagine what else is buried and goes undetected?

The Democrats' Election Forgery Racket


"Behind the scenes, Democrats have been busy faking petition signatures, forging ballots and enlisting medical professionals to authorize fraudulent doctors' notes for liberal teachers-union operatives protesting Republican opponents. It's no laughing matter."

"This week, four Democratic officials in Indiana were hit with felony charges related to petition fraud in the state's 2008 primary. The prosecutions are a result of the local South Bend Tribune newspaper's investigation last fall into "hundreds of county residents' signatures" forged on petitions used to put Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic primary ballot."

Wow sure sounds like election fraud to me perhaps not voter fraud per say but certain FRAUD none the less.
At least there were honest Democratics who were whistle-blowers who came forward to expose the forgery racket.


"On Tuesday, a New York judge set new trail dates for Democratic officials and operatives accused of another ballot fraud conspiracy. A first round of prosecutions against Democratic Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough and his co-defendant, former Councilman Michael LoPorto, ended in mistrials last month. The two men also face separate voter fraud charges involving a plot by Democrats to win the radical Working Families Party primary back in 2009. The WFP is a front group for President Obama's dear old friends at fraud-plagued ACORN.

"According to law enforcement authorities, the ring of Democrats tried to rig the primary election for city council and county legislature by forging absentee ballots and ballot applications to ensure that their candidates also won the Working Families Party primary line."

"Yet progressives in the media and White House continue to strike a see-no-election-fraud, hear-no-election-fraud, speak-no-election-fraud pose. And Team Obama's Axelrod supplies the laugh track. Yuck, yuck, yuck."

Is it any wonder that a progressive judge in Wisconsin hurried the re-call process against Gov. Walker so that his team had very little if any time to scrutinize the petitions handed in by progressives?

Every part of modern life requires an ID and to assume that acquiring one (which they are free) is difficult for minorities and the elderly is ridiculous.

Every country around the world that hold elections requires it's citizen's to have an ID to vote except us. 

It is OBVIOUS that progressive's have NO REGARD for our laws only the desire to win power and control nothing else at any cost.

Progressives know that this is a do or die moment for them after their agenda was rejected in 2010.
Their stepped up smear campaigns, class warfare, class envy, anti-religious fervor, racial divisiveness towards conservatives and the country is unprecedented.
Progressivism is the disease infecting our country.
Progrssivism is evil and regressive.
Progressivism = Totalitarianism

They are truly desperate making it more imperative that we get out the VOTE.

Just imagine what "Team Obama" has in store for us?

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