Saturday, November 5, 2011

The LIAR-IN-CHIEF - When Will He Stop the Outright LIES?

I am so SICK and tried of seeing and hearing the LIAR-IN-CHIEF, sometimes I think my head will explode or all my orifices will start to bleed.

He is getting so PATHETIC with his pleas with his demagoguery, lying, the "jobs bill" nobody wants, and the continued class warfare.

Besides not looking or acting very presidential his statements are nothing more than political trash told to foster division through fear and loathing.

Of course, everything is the nasty Republicans fault, the "do nothing" congress, the polluters of the air and water, murderers of women and children, nasty people who do not care about the middle class or the poor, defenders of the RICH, THOSE OBSTRUCTIONISTS.

The biggest falsehood LIE is the "do nothing" congress rant spewed by Obummer daily in his campaign speeches......a a I mean his political speeches after all why expect him to pay for his own propaganda when he can game the system.......let's all just get on the BUS!

Currently there are 15 pieces of REPUBLICAN legislation "the forgotten 15" passed by the House all stuck in the Senate, a Senate that has NOT even PASSED a budget for over 900 days ignoring their own charter

The "forgotten 15" covers wide areas to help empower small business owners, such as the EPA Regulatory Relief Act (HR 2250) to curtail burdensome regulations and the Veterans Opportunity to Work Act (HR 2433) to help curb the rising veteran unemployment. 

There are also five bills that have been passed to lower high energy costs, by increasing domestic energy production and leading us towards energy independence.

The House passed the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act (HR 2587) that would prohibit the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from dictating where an employer can and cannot locate jobs in the United States.

The Consumer Financial Protection & Soundness Improvement Act (HR 1315) passed in July would bring oversight and accountability to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by ensuring that one Washington bureaucrat alone is not given unlimited authority to limit consumer choice, or reduce the credit available to small businesses.

These are a few of the bills languishing in the Senate that the FOSSIL Harry Reid is holding up/blocking in concert with the LIAR-IN-CHIEF.

Obummer would rather let the economy falter more than allow Republicans any credit at solving any of the problems but maybe just maybe that is his plan?

All his talk of bi-partisanship is total BULL-SHIT just another lie.

He has had no intentions of letting Republicans in on any thing since day one.
ObumerCare is a fine example of his regime ramming legislation down the throats of the American people while 57% were totally against it.
The man knows NO shame.
Every day it is becoming more and more clear that the fundamental transformation of America is not the America I grew up in and looks more socialist or marxist than like a REPUBLIC.

We are after all a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY.
There is a huge difference.

Obummer wants collective salvation I want individual salvation.

When will the PROGS realize or admit that collectivism/central planning/socialism/communism/the nanny state/statism are unsustainable and have failed through out history and mostly they end very badly.

We have to rid ourselves of the progressive slime infecting our country - the political class that pollutes the government.

VOTE VOTE VOTE - this may be the most important election in a long long time.

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He HAS to lie, he has nothing else.