Thursday, September 8, 2011

Progressivism our Great American Disease

America has long been plagued by progressivism and many of my posts reflect this distain in the hope others will wake up to the reality of this destructive force and how insidiously it has infected our country.

Another voice is Pete Morin who on October 31, 2009 wrote an enlightened piece "The Pillars of Liberal Progressivism."

"The United States of America rests at a crossroads today that is every bit as dire as what Americans faced during the Second World War.  In fact, it may be even more so."

"Liberal Progressives have fashioned so strong a hold on the America political landscape that to escape their clutches may no longer be possible for most citizens.   What I call 'The Pillars of Liberal Progressivism' have infected America with a virus so deadly that fighting it has become extremely difficult"

As I too have argued, progressivism which first reared it's ugly head around the turn of the century with many but mainly Wilson/FDR, was finally rejected after it proved a total failure.
Unfortunately FDR instituted and passed so much damaging legislation which we still have today that it has distorted our view of the purpose of the constitution.

After it's abject failure it moved underground and has been festering plotting and planning it's return and resurfaced publicly in the last election has notable folks like Hillary Clinton proclaimed she is not a "liberal"(liberal now being unpopular) but thinks of herself as a "modern progressive".

This from the woman who also proclaimed Margret Sanger was her idol when Sanger besides being a progressive is a known eugenists who founded planned parenthood with the explicit desire to eliminate UNDESIRABLES of society code for eliminating minorities and others that progressive deem must go.

Obviously Obama is a progressive too and the progressive/liberals all crowed it was the new beginning of decades of progressive rule after his election. The death of conservatism and the Republicans.

Well as we know the decades only lasted two years as the American people were once again on to the progressive lies and the demoRats suffered a "shellacking" in 2010 elections.

It is very important to continue to expose progressivism and rout it out where ever possible.

The five pillars of progressivism form the foundation of their hard work over the last some one hundred years to infiltrate, corrupt, and infect our society.

1."University Academia: No institution was more instrumental than the university in shaping the minds and behavior of the young.  Students schooled in the writings of radical revolutionaries such as Mao, Lenin, Trotsky - and lesser-known malcontents like Alinsky, Zinn, and Chomsky - spread their noxious fumes throughout  the halls of academia.  The 'true believer' filled his pliant mind with writings of these disaffected statists.  The earlier attempts of scholars in the twenties and thirties to poison the minds of the young were but a pretext for this new assault."

He continues with more history but the long and short of it is that the professors and the administrators of many of our institutions are trying to corrupt/indoctrinate their students and this has been realized as conservative students are dogged and harassed by their professors and fellow students today.

2."Law Schools: Those infected with this radical new virus could now expand their activities to include law schools.   What better way to attain a redress of grievances against a racist, sexist, homophobic nation than to change the Constitution?   New radical lawyers imbued with this bubonic sickness attacked our nation's law at the principal level.  Judicial activists unleashed a torrent of bad constitutional law that would make any radical proud.   The links that bound us to our founding were now severely strained."     

3."Primary and Secondary Education: The lessons learned in academia could now be spread to the more basic levels of education.   Rather than parents teaching their children tolerance and good moral underpinnings, the HARD LEFT would give no quarter in acceptance of gay lifestyles and gay marriage, wealth redistribution, equality of outcome, and disparagement of conservatism.   These became the staples in the indoctrination of the very young. The occasional parent outburst has not deterred the righteous from their mission."

In education in general progressives have successfully distorted our history, denigrated our founders, and in general pushed an anti-American anti-acceptualism, propaganda of America as the big bad colony power enslaving other hapless countries to exploit them.

4:"Entertainment:The Hard Left could now attack the entertainment industry.   The poor, limp, listless minds of this industry were ripe for the picking.  What could be more important than compassion for the poor, not getting involved in military conflict, and equality for all who had suffered under the dreadful
capitalist state?  The film industry offered itself in humble prostration to these noble ideas.  Films depicting the evils of capitalism and the inadequacy of the free market spawned a whole new generation of useful idiots to spread the biblical word."

Film and movies are some of the most subtle indoctrination techniques and are exploited regularly by "progressive hollywood."
Witness the treatment of conservative in hollywood.

5."News Media: This last pillar would prove to be the most important.  With the help of academia and entertainment, however, it was possible to invade newsrooms without much difficulty.  Vietnam, once again, provided a ready means to achieve control of what was once considered an inviolable institution and move it inexorably to the Left.   One can remember the hallowed omtonations of Walter Cronkite on the uselessness of a continued combat in Southeast Asia.  What Cronkite deemed lost must surely have been.  So ingrained in the American psyche was his preeminence for reporting the facts that those facts must certainly have been correct."

There is HOPE after all their plotting and planning despite their taking over many of our educational institutions Americans instinctively KNOW that the direction Obama, his minions, his cronies, and the news media want us to go is un-American and goes against the founding of our country.
Conservatives out number liberals by almost 2 to 1 and those i the SILENT MAJORITY are not going to be silent any more.

Progressivism would have you believe that "life is unfair" and only big government can level the playing field and produce predetermined outcomes but at a HUGE HUGE cost our freedoms and liberties.


Again it is SO SO important to talk to your friends and family and get out and VOTE progressives out of office especially OBAMA.

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I've been fighting liberals and progressive and statists for over 20 years now. Glad y'all could join the fight.

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