Wednesday, September 21, 2011

even MORE hilarity and hypocrisy from progressives

Wow the president has launched fully into the deep with his renewed and reenergized push of divisiveness through class warfare.
He said he sees himself as a warrior and wears the fight for the "middle class" like a badge of honor.

DemoRats are always championing the mysterious "middle class" and of course conservatives/republicans hate every one except the "RICH" - the Koch Brothers are always the evil mentioned it is enough to make my head explode.

They go on about the "rich" having to pay their fare share, the gap between the "rich" and the "middle class" is to wide we must redistribute wealth to make things more fair and level the playing field so everyone has a chance.
Besides the IRS DATA that shows MOST millionaires pay taxes at a HIGHER RATE than the middle class and the fact that the top 1% earners pay approximately 38% of all taxes etc.

The facts just do not bear out the yammering of this president he is MISREPRESENTING the facts and outright LYING, along with the heavy use of demagoguery, attempted BAD legislation, and of course the continued class warfare all under the guise of MORE SPENDING and creating his talking points to use against republicans for his reelection campaign.

One reads the news stories every one pointing the fingers at each other with demoRats declaring that they are promoting the "middle class" this is not class warfare this is only the republicans drawing from their same old playbook and calling it class warfare.
Yeah right like using the divide and conquer methods of politics is not in constant use by the lefties form their tired old playbook.

For me the hilarity and hypocrisy comes from the fact while progressives/liberals/demoRats/socialists/communists/other radical factions are circling the class warfare issue and that republicans represent the "rich" WHO DO THEY THINK OBAMA ET AL ARE VACATIONING WITH ON MARTHA'S VINEYARD AND WHO IS PAYING $35,800 TO HAVE DINNER WITH THE "ONE" MAYBE "RICH" LIBERALS/PROGRESSIVES?
You think?????

Like George Soros doesn't spend millions and millions of dollars buying and supporting progressive causes far more than the Koch brothers but that goes on being ignored.
Soros is a VERY dangerous individual.
Of late he is trying to place people in Secretary of State positions who help decide close state elections as well as judges too.

And of course the republicans are in bed with the corporations and support corporate welfare - Please how about GM government motors and GE government electric do not talk to me about corporate welfare such hypocrisy is insulting and considering the latest scandal with SOLYNDRA and a wasted half a billion dollars with more cronyism popping up every day and new scandals on the way.

Who is donating to whom - that 3/4 of a billion Obama raised in 2008 did not come from onesey' and twosey' and he still has never answered questions about his fund raising activities.

DemoRats are SO evil and deceitful.

It is also well known that a lot of the CEO's and Presidents on wall street and the big banks are NOT republicans but are PROGRESSIVES/LIBERALS surprise surprise like Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan.
In spite of the lies it was demoRats who received overwhelmingly donations from these folks.
Cronyism is ALIVE and WELL in the financial centers of New York City there is no real "free markets" any more.
The big banks LOVE big government - TO BIG TO FAIL BABY!

And if Warren Buffoon wants to pay the wasteful, inefficient, bloated federal government more why doesn't he:
1) pay all of his back taxes from his investment firm estimated at over a billion dollars - know wonder he has his nose up Obama's ass and deep.
2) if he and his buddies feel such a need to give more to the government why are they not all standing in line with their FAT checkbooks out looking to pay more.

HYPOCRITES - it is so sad it has become hilarious.

The progressives good intentions are always full of terms and conditions and fraught with unintended consequences.

Their science (the need to social engineer) like their experts are usually wrong.

Obama has got to GO
Get out the VOTE in 2012

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