Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NEWS FLASH: Citizens Fleeing Progressivism

 Progressivism has utterly failed in Europe, as it crumbles under it's own unsustainable weight and here as well the effects are all to apparent as this administrations Keynesian economic polices are a disaster, unemployment soars,  inflation is on the rise from our war on the dollar and an atmosphere of uncertainty drag us down.

But there is HOPE and CHANGE that is really COMING.

From the census data it is clear that millions of people are abandoning big government/progressive states for low-tax red ones.
Americans are voting with there FEET moving from these over taxed, over regulated states to the freedom and liberty of bastions of right wing sentiment.

This is "The Great Political Migration" an article highlighting is trend by Michael Medved in the Daily Beast provides a look at this curious trending.

"Between 2009 and 2010 the five biggest losers in terms of "residents lost to other states" were all prominent redoubts of progressivism: California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey. Meanwhile, the five biggest winners in the relocation sweepstakes are all commonly identified as red states in which Republicans generally dominate local politics: Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia. Expanding the review to a 10 year span, the biggest population gainers (in percentage terms) have been even more conservative than last year's winners: Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Texas, in that order."

The shift in population will have a major effect the playing field for the 2012 elections as states that Obama carried were among the biggest losers with New York and Ohio dropping 2 electoral votes each.

Texas was the big winner by gaining  4 new votes.

But it is certainly interesting to note that for all progressives/liberals big talk of fairness,  jobs and "living wages" AND THEIR SUCESESESES then WHY are so many people FLEEING from BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG LABOR utopian states?

So it also stands to reason if uncompromising conservatism is so cruel and fraudulent, why do small-government, pro-business, low-tax, gun toting, god fearing states DRAW SUCH A DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER OF AMERICA'S OWN IMMIGRANTS?

If progressive/liberal policies are really so great why in a single year (2009-2010) did as many as 880,000 residents wave good-bye to Obama's Illinois while as many as 782,000 of those were new arrivals in RICK PERRY"S TEXAS?

I only hope who ever the Republican candidate is will use this as a statement during the campaign.

California lost at least 2 million residents to failure between 2009 and 2010 not to mention a large amount of businesses tried of high taxes, over regulation, corruption, and the bankruptcy of the state's leadership.

Medved writes "California has become a sad symbol of dysfunctional government at its shabbiest, shadiest, most sclerotic, and irresponsible - an exquisitely painful irony for those of us who recall the Golden State's onetime position in the national imagination.  Not so long ago, the whole nation (or at least its most enterprising and adventurous elements) seemed to envy the state and to embrace the notion of 'Californian Dreaming'."
"There are no real political refugees within the United States, and few families for the most part move from one state to the other for more congenial political leadership.  Climate, family concerns, and job opportunities are all factors.  But the contrasting cultures that state politics help to shape make a big difference in determining which parts of the nation seem more or less promising to potential immigrants.   With Gallup pol showing self-described "conservatives" outnumbering self-proclaimed "liberals" by nearly 2 to 1 (41 percent to 21 percent) it's is not surprising that states with pro-business, pro-family attitudes draw disproportionate numbers of new arrivals.  At the same time, it makes sense that those states with aggressive, intrusive bureaucracies, high taxes, and relentless experiments in multiculturalism will encourage mass departures."

One can easily make the case that if progressivism/liberalism is so great and successful why are the show case five such big disasters even some electing Republican governors?

Progressivism = Totalitarianism 

The "ONE" is DONE
The "O" has got to GO

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