Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obama in fact a great GIFT to Republicans

The last post for "the O must go".

I have not posted since before Obumbler's last election,  as events heated up  weird happenings forced me to stop posting as my computers were compromised.

It's fitting after such a contentious election and victory and as we are about to see the back side of Obumbler and his cabal, it's time to end "The "O" must GO" and resume my voice against the "progressive movement" with "Progressivism must GO".  Especially in light of the total HYPOCRISY, they are exhibiting over the election of Donald J Trump with the protests, riots, violence, whining, crying, death threats, etc. They are a tenacious group who have not gone away in over 100 years and not going away peaceable now or any time soon.

In thinking about the election over the weekend with Obumbler's legacy about to de-materialize, it occurred to me that despite 8 years of his reign and the devastation to the country through his so-called transformation there is a very very BRIGHT shinning spot, a true gift Obumbler has left us besides being the number one GUN salesman in decades.

That is the total decimation of the Democratic Party!

Think about it:

Obumbler entered the White House with his party in control of 62 of the nation's 99 legislative chambers. By January 2015, Republicans were in control of 68 despite all his down state balloting  to reverse the bleed out.

It all started in 2010, when Republicans took the House winning 63 seats, the biggest pick up since 1948, and 6 seats in the Senate.

In 2014, Republicans gained another 13 House seats and took control of the Senate - Democrats LOST 900 legislative seats in this election and 3 Governorships and 10 state legislatures and in a presidential election year no less.

Now in 2016:

  • No Presidency
  • No House majority (Democrats picked up 5 seats)   192-D      239-R
  • No Senate majority (Democrats picked 2 seats)         46-D        51-R
  • Soon no Supreme Court possible majority
  • 15 State Governors left (with 3 lost this year)
  • Of the combined 99 state legislatures:
  •  Democrats gained 95 seats (Republicans gained 138 seats)
  • Partisan control of state legislatures:
  •  State senates -  Democrats 11   Republicans 37
  •  State houses  -  Democrats 29   Republicans 68

                                            NOT MUCH BLUE LEFT!!!   

It is self evident that the progressive/demoRat agenda did not sit well with the people tried of big government and political elites. With Obumbler out, not only campaigning for Killary, but even more for his own legacy, literally trying to shaming crowds of black voters into voting at times, he opened himself up for a referendum.That being said he put his administration and it's agenda up for a vote and the progressive machine lost big time.

Now with the loss of course we hear crying for the end the electoral college, only the popular vote should count, etc, etc. our democracy is dead, etc. etc.
Considering how educated most progressive claim to be, one would surely think that they must in their academic careers have had a civics or governmental class?

Let me remind them all we are a CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC not a pure democracy. 

We don't have MOB rule as many progressives would seem to want.
Our Founders were very smart men and compensated for the diverse density of population.
If any thing we should break up large states like Californian and New York and let their entire populations have say, instead of the dense urban areas alone.

It's clear from the shocked media and reports of Soros meeting his troops in Washington that they are already plotting their return to power.
All their analysis over who's fault, what they missed, which direction to go in, candidates, etc. AND reading through it all they still just  DON"T SEEM TO REALLY GET IT!!!

They cast blame on everyone and everything EXCEPT their own AGENDA and the extremely LOUSY state of affairs they have left the country in both domestically and internationally. 
Of course their only concern is how can they win power back again instead of trying to understand why the voters rejected them.  
But go course they know better - their smarter than everyone else and it's that attitude among others things that account for their devastating loss.

In Obumbler's almost 8 years, he made NO attempt to work with Republicans instead pronouncing on his first day that he won and "elections have consequences".
They thought that could make Republicans into the boogie man and it worked as the Republicans first in the House then with both chambers could not or would not face Obumbler down they were all scared. 
More recently the unintended consequences of their policies, scandals, legislation, and executive orders (13 OF WHICH WHERE SHOT DOWN BY THE COURTS) has made more people aware of how bloated, ineffective, inefficient, corrupt, crony, the federal government really is - oh those unexpected, inconvenient unintended consequences.

Obviously ObamaCare's eminent implosion/death spiral is a major blow and ironic as the demoRats forced this garbage down our throats manipulated the provisions several times without congress, worked out what they thought was a politically sound time table for implementation.
Sadly they could not have imagined it's death spiral would happen before the election.
All those BILLIONS of $'s wasted on plan that a majority never wanted.


The bad timing, political over-reach, bad policies, corruption, political elites of both parties, drive-by media, corporatists, bankers, wall street, hollywood, PC culture, have I left anyone/anyhting out? 

 ALL did not see Donald J Trump coming!

This election was an US vs. the Establishment!!!!

And it was a big  FUCK YOU!!!!

One last footnote to my election euphoria which makes it even more SWEET.

First was the image of Killary fighting back the tears at the microphone as she accepted defeat before her supporters knowing she'd been beaten by the man he call a buffoon and so many other labels and names and knowing that she can NEVER be president.

Second is the smug satisfaction of knowing that the Klintoon crime family is more or less finished and Bill will never ever again be able to charge the ridiculous speaking fees he got while running their pay for play schemes with Killary. 

Third knowing that the FBI's on going investigation of the Klintoon  foundation using the book "Clinton Cash" as a road map may lead to disgracing the Klintoon's for good.

Fourth there's a good possibility the new AG will still pursue charges against Killary, her staff and others who grossly mishandled classified and sensitive material putting the country at risk as recently security experts have said 100% her server was hacked by multiple countries.

Perhaps there is some justice left in the world.

Right now every one should be supporting our so to be President!

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