Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obama in fact a great GIFT to Republicans

The last post for "the O must go".

I have not posted since before Obumbler's last election,  as events heated up  weird happenings forced me to stop posting as my computers were compromised.

It's fitting after such a contentious election and victory and as we are about to see the back side of Obumbler and his cabal, it's time to end "The "O" must GO" and resume my voice against the "progressive movement" with "Progressivism must GO".  Especially in light of the total HYPOCRISY, they are exhibiting over the election of Donald J Trump with the protests, riots, violence, whining, crying, death threats, etc. They are a tenacious group who have not gone away in over 100 years and not going away peaceable now or any time soon.

In thinking about the election over the weekend with Obumbler's legacy about to de-materialize, it occurred to me that despite 8 years of his reign and the devastation to the country through his so-called transformation there is a very very BRIGHT shinning spot, a true gift Obumbler has left us besides being the number one GUN salesman in decades.

That is the total decimation of the Democratic Party!

Think about it:

Obumbler entered the White House with his party in control of 62 of the nation's 99 legislative chambers. By January 2015, Republicans were in control of 68 despite all his down state balloting  to reverse the bleed out.

It all started in 2010, when Republicans took the House winning 63 seats, the biggest pick up since 1948, and 6 seats in the Senate.

In 2014, Republicans gained another 13 House seats and took control of the Senate - Democrats LOST 900 legislative seats in this election and 3 Governorships and 10 state legislatures and in a presidential election year no less.

Now in 2016:

  • No Presidency
  • No House majority (Democrats picked up 5 seats)   192-D      239-R
  • No Senate majority (Democrats picked 2 seats)         46-D        51-R
  • Soon no Supreme Court possible majority
  • 15 State Governors left (with 3 lost this year)
  • Of the combined 99 state legislatures:
  •  Democrats gained 95 seats (Republicans gained 138 seats)
  • Partisan control of state legislatures:
  •  State senates -  Democrats 11   Republicans 37
  •  State houses  -  Democrats 29   Republicans 68

                                            NOT MUCH BLUE LEFT!!!   

It is self evident that the progressive/demoRat agenda did not sit well with the people tried of big government and political elites. With Obumbler out, not only campaigning for Killary, but even more for his own legacy, literally trying to shaming crowds of black voters into voting at times, he opened himself up for a referendum.That being said he put his administration and it's agenda up for a vote and the progressive machine lost big time.

Now with the loss of course we hear crying for the end the electoral college, only the popular vote should count, etc, etc. our democracy is dead, etc. etc.
Considering how educated most progressive claim to be, one would surely think that they must in their academic careers have had a civics or governmental class?

Let me remind them all we are a CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC not a pure democracy. 

We don't have MOB rule as many progressives would seem to want.
Our Founders were very smart men and compensated for the diverse density of population.
If any thing we should break up large states like Californian and New York and let their entire populations have say, instead of the dense urban areas alone.

It's clear from the shocked media and reports of Soros meeting his troops in Washington that they are already plotting their return to power.
All their analysis over who's fault, what they missed, which direction to go in, candidates, etc. AND reading through it all they still just  DON"T SEEM TO REALLY GET IT!!!

They cast blame on everyone and everything EXCEPT their own AGENDA and the extremely LOUSY state of affairs they have left the country in both domestically and internationally. 
Of course their only concern is how can they win power back again instead of trying to understand why the voters rejected them.  
But go course they know better - their smarter than everyone else and it's that attitude among others things that account for their devastating loss.

In Obumbler's almost 8 years, he made NO attempt to work with Republicans instead pronouncing on his first day that he won and "elections have consequences".
They thought that could make Republicans into the boogie man and it worked as the Republicans first in the House then with both chambers could not or would not face Obumbler down they were all scared. 
More recently the unintended consequences of their policies, scandals, legislation, and executive orders (13 OF WHICH WHERE SHOT DOWN BY THE COURTS) has made more people aware of how bloated, ineffective, inefficient, corrupt, crony, the federal government really is - oh those unexpected, inconvenient unintended consequences.

Obviously ObamaCare's eminent implosion/death spiral is a major blow and ironic as the demoRats forced this garbage down our throats manipulated the provisions several times without congress, worked out what they thought was a politically sound time table for implementation.
Sadly they could not have imagined it's death spiral would happen before the election.
All those BILLIONS of $'s wasted on plan that a majority never wanted.


The bad timing, political over-reach, bad policies, corruption, political elites of both parties, drive-by media, corporatists, bankers, wall street, hollywood, PC culture, have I left anyone/anyhting out? 

 ALL did not see Donald J Trump coming!

This election was an US vs. the Establishment!!!!

And it was a big  FUCK YOU!!!!

One last footnote to my election euphoria which makes it even more SWEET.

First was the image of Killary fighting back the tears at the microphone as she accepted defeat before her supporters knowing she'd been beaten by the man he call a buffoon and so many other labels and names and knowing that she can NEVER be president.

Second is the smug satisfaction of knowing that the Klintoon crime family is more or less finished and Bill will never ever again be able to charge the ridiculous speaking fees he got while running their pay for play schemes with Killary. 

Third knowing that the FBI's on going investigation of the Klintoon  foundation using the book "Clinton Cash" as a road map may lead to disgracing the Klintoon's for good.

Fourth there's a good possibility the new AG will still pursue charges against Killary, her staff and others who grossly mishandled classified and sensitive material putting the country at risk as recently security experts have said 100% her server was hacked by multiple countries.

Perhaps there is some justice left in the world.

Right now every one should be supporting our so to be President!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Progressive Victimhood - 5 Things Progressives wished the Government Does Better Than You

Today I happened upon the article by Monica which encapsulates everything "progressive".


In her post she tries really hard to make believe that there are 5 things the government does better than you.

It is quite obvious to all who know any history or follow current events that the federal government can not do any thing but consume and destroy (with unintended consequences) everything it does due to the bloated, ineffective, inefficient self perpetuating bureaucracy.

Five Things Government Does Better Than You Do



"Economics assumes people are rational actors in the market, but we know a lot less about how to manage money than we think."

Her opening statement is quintessential progressive "group think" that individuals are not capable of handling their own economics and are essentially helpless.


"One of the hottest academic disciplines to arise in the last few decades is behavioral economics, which explores the ways in which people behave irrationally. In addition, easy-predictable problems with certain markets prevent us from achieving the best outcomes. These two facts have consequences for how we should think about government in certain instances. There are many ways in which the government can make better decisions with our money than we can, and there are many ways that the Ryan budget would make society worse off by getting rid of government programs." 

Wow the hottest academic disciplines to arise sounds a lot like social engineering a favorite of progressives in their hermetically sealed academic towers of absurdity spewing papers that have NO BASIS in REALITY nor can they account for the always present unintended consequences of their "shot in the dark" legislation.

If she firmly believes "the government can make better decisions with our money than we can" Monica is certainly not living on the same planet or in the same reality as I am.

Please Monica I would love to really hear 1 successful expenditure they have made.

How about the $819 BILLION stimulus which is gone and we have nothing to show for it except among other things a growing list of failed "green energy" follies.

Evergreen Energy-Which has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, saying it’s “impossible to maintain operations” due to funding shortfalls. This announcement comes after the company received $5.3 million in “stimulus” funds.

Amonix Inc.-A manufacturer of solar panels that received $5.9 million from the “stimulus”, will lay off about 200 employees only seven months after opening a factory in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home State of Nevada.

Beacon Power Corp-Sought bankruptcy protection last year after they received a $43 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.

Ener1 Electric-A car battery manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy last Thursday, three years after receiving a $118.5 million grant from the U.S. government.

These are all in addition to Solyndra-A solar panel maker that received a $535 million loan guarantee, then famously filed for Chapter 11 protection weeks ago.

These are just a few as the list grows - GREAT investment Monica the government is sure adept at investing our tax dollars.

The auto industry bailout? How many billions of dollars wasted on shoring up their union buddies?

GM stock has to be over a $50 share price in order just to break even - the stock is $21.35 today.


The Post Office is a huge success.

The government estimates could reach $100 BILLION in self admitted waste and duplication - who doing anything about this?

I could go on and on adding to the list of federal government failures but I want to address her "top 5" list.

1. Retirement Insurance yes the old Social Security factor. Besides being unconstitutional and a pyramid scheme it is going broke. The usual unintended consequences progressives did not expect or cared about when waving the carrot in the nose of the public. They only care about the freebies to ensure votes. 

Social Security needs reforming there is no question about it. It needs to transform or go away.

Personally I would be ecstatic if they would just give me back what I and the companies I worked for had invested and let me deal with my own retirement.

Her arguments about the uncertainties of the market place blah blah blah is a joke. If one were to just put their money in a savings account over a persons working life it would generate more income than the government program.

Of course like all progressives Monica wants a guaranteed outcome everyone needs to win and get a gold star "group think" at its best.

This goes hand in hand with the progressives love of a "guaranteed living wage" a marxist precept of fairness, social justice and collectivism all which have historically failed. 

                                 Control of a
                                 Huge part of
                                    the US

2. Healthcare - another government attempted take over of a large part of our economy but of course as Monica points out it is for our own good. Yeah RIGHT.

I don't want to get into a long discourse about ObamaKare I will only say if it is so GREAT how come over 52% of the American public wants it repealed.

The costs are out of control, waivers already issued mostly to their union buddies of course, bureaucrats making our health decisions, death panels, doctor shortage, doctors fleeing the profession, NO TORT REFORM, NO COMPETITION ACROSS STATE LINES, the government dictating what kinds of policies insurance companies can offer.

Please Monica go live in Europe under the NANNY STATE - I did the healthcare there is not very good and the waiting will kill you.

3. Addressing Poverty - I love this one - Monic I ask you since the "Great Society" spending and the "war on poverty" spending BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars for DECADES the needle has hardly moved on the poverty line.

Billions spent on "urban renewal", and other inner city nonsense.


"The conservative argument against government spending on the poor through programs like welfare and food stamps is that it de-incentivizes working, and that help for those who can’t work is best left up to communities and charity."

These programs along with welfare have indeed created a "parasite class" that lives off the government while 50% of the public pays NO TAXES.

Monica you can not legislate charity it is a personal individual act that you obviously do not understand.

And the progressive secular fundamentalism is in part responsible for the decline in charitable giving and volunteering which I would remind Monica that CONSERVATIVES donate 30%-40% more to charity and are TWICE as likely to VOLUNTEER TWICE as often as progressives. 

Face it the myriad of questionable so-called social programs are a failure and serve only to keep people on the government plantation to preserve their voting block.

4. Disaster Relief - FEMA is so great no waste there no corruption there. 
They did such a stellar job with Katrina?


"Conservative arguments against funding FEMA hold that local communities are better at cleaning up after widespread destruction than the government."

The American people are better equipped to deal with disaster than the government.

Local governments can and do respond better.
The out pouring of support and volunteerism this last spring by the local communities and around the country was far greater and more quickly organized than FEMA.

5. All the Little Things - oh yes all those little things the government does to make our lives simpler, unencumbered, to protect us, all because after all we are to stupid to care for ourselves, to protect ourselves, or to make our own decisions.


 I’ve been focused so far on specific things that the federal government can do better than individuals or the private market, there are a number of tiny things that local governments do to create the world in which you live—building roads, taking out the trash, keeping traffic flowing, and turning street lights on at night."

Monica first of all the original roads were privately built and only latter adopted by the government and then paid for by tax payers and built by private companies at greater costs than the free market could have delivered because of government involvement.

Most communities now days contract out to private companies for trash removal, toll roads are being leased to private companies as are some bridges, the entire energy market place was created by individuals from the coal industry to the oil industries.

Monica who built the railroads?
Not the government - now they only subsidize them.

Everything the government touches is DOOMED to FAILURE.

Most of what the current government pokes it's nose into is not even constitutional and most of the government agencies should go away and the power returned to the states.

A limited government does not mean all services will go away it means the federal government should adhere to the precepts of the constitution and let the states be individual laboratories to find solutions 

which fit their residents needs.

Something like adhering to our founding principals.

Monica all your "5 Things" are unquestionable government failures not to be emulated.

When will you and your buds take responsibility for yourselves and stop being VICTIMS!

It's individuals that create - government only impedes and consumes.

For progressives the ends are always justified by the means allowing them to rationalize whatever they want and do anything they want.

It is obvious that the progressives are desperate.

They know they will be swept out of office again in 2012.

The progressive AGENDA will be REJECTED once AGAIN by the American public.

The Third great awakening is happening.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Enterprise Vs. Progressivism a Visual Look

Do you know what city this is?

For days now the Megalomaniac-in-chief is back on the "class warfare" meme spewing his usual lies, distortions, and innuendos claiming that capitalism and free markets have failed and the only idea he has to fix things is a social justice notation of "equal prosperity" for all.

This of course goes hand in hand with his statements glorifying his bailouts of the auto industry (in reality a failure) success and boasts that we should do the same to every manufacturing sector so those jobs don't go overseas-ha ha ha.

Of course the progressive media plays along happily drooling over every word.

As we all know a look at the fiscal condition of blue states and cities is politically very telling.

Every state, city, and town run by progressives is in the toilet financially as one after the other is filing for bankruptcy and now even demoRat mayors are forced to reform the very unions that put them in power.

Progrssivism here or as we see in Europe and elsewhere is 

Here is visual comparison of what a free enterprise and unregulated government can accomplish vs. what progressivism with over regulation, forced unionized workers, and an entitlement system which enslaves rather than helps give people a hand up.


To end WW2 America embarked on a new age.
As you can see little was left of the city and the surrounding area.

Now gaze on this city now after 65 years.

Gaze on what an unfettered free enterprise system can accomplish in a very short time relatively speaking.

We all know that  Hiroshima and  Nagasaki   were destroyed in August 1945 after the explosion of atomic bombs.

However, we know little about the progress made by the people of that land.

Now look at the condition of Detroit after the same 65 years of progressive control, over taxation, over regulation, forced unionization of the work force, and an unsustainable entitlement culture which enslaves rather than lifts people up.

What has caused more long term destruction
the  Atomic bomb


Government welfare programs created to buy the
votes of those who want someone to take care of them

And let's remember Japan does not have a welfare system.

Folks there is a very clear choice in this election.

Either we elect Romney/Ryan and their vision of limited government which believes that our natural rights as humans comes from GOD and our FREEDOM is our own


Obumbler and his minions who believe only government has the answers and that our natural rights come from a government bureaucracy which controls it's citizens and removes their FREEDOMS?

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Progressive Media always bullies the Tea Parties a trip down Memory Lane

If you have not seen this MRC TV's compilation of outrageous news statements or better yet rushes to judgement/progressive wet dreams take a moment to remember all the lies which are continuously heaped upon the Tea Parties.

Conservatives are always the first to commit a massacre in the eyes of the progressive media wonks and this great retrospective firmly debunks this idea and exposes the real maniacs who it turns out are most likely liberals or leftists. 

Those facts always surface later after the initial false accusations have already done damage and are some how ignored or swept under the proverbial carpet.

You know progressives are terrified of the Tea Parties because they do not understand them or their success.

They have been trying for a 100 plus years to rally the populace, something the Tea Parties have done in a couple of years.

The Tea Parties's populace political uprising as we know resulted in the "shellacking" of 2010 elections with real political implications, something the "occutards" will never be able to accomplish.

In the meantime progressives will out of fear continue to defame and lie about the Tea Parties anything to paint them as radicals.
Will they ever learn or get it.
I doubt it!

Link to their website

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Sad Sad Day for the Republic.


What a sad day for the country.

While everyone is spewing their talking points on both sides, perhaps this will be the final wake up call or rally cry for conservatives, libertarians, and independents to activate, get engaged, and make a difference in the coming election just like the "shellacking" we gave the progressives in 2010.

The Supreme Court decision to allow Obamacare to stand especially as a TAX is just outrageous.

Roberts middle ground approach makes him a COWARD.

While Congress was effectively cut off at the knees with their commerce clause expansion which would have given the government in my estimation unlimited power, letting this law stand in any form is just plan BAD for BUSINESS.
And let's not forget the numerous judicial nuances which will come out of all this - it was not a clear victory for either side.

But I still believe Obumbler and the demoRats have perpetrated a GIANT FRAUD on the COUNTRY.

During the entire Healthcare debate (ramming down our throats is more like it) Obumbler repeatedly said the "mandate" was a penalty not a tax and he would not raise our taxes YET even as he and his minions INSISTED first the "individual mandate" was a penalty not a TAX then only to use the tax argument when going before the high court completely reversing their argument and LIEING TO ALL OF US.

It must of been a transformative moment for them because they never flip-flop politically only republicans do that.

Their FRAUD also extends to the costs of this 2,700 page nightmare which was completely and purposefully underestimated and again Obumbler and the demoRats KNOWINGLY LIED to the American people.

Who is going to PAY for all this?
Todays ruling will make this law even more expensive.

We still do not even know everything incorporated in this bill and what NEW REGULATIONS will come out of it.

And as usual: 

It is obvious that our federal government is NO LONGER LISTENING to the PEOPLE we must WAKE UP Washington ourselves because nobody else is going to do it.

This administration is only interested in building their power base as they ILLEGALLY continue to "transform" the Republic.
This whole affair has always been about power and control of the federal government not health care.

  1. News for Obama claims penalty no tax

    1. Supreme Court says health mandate's a tax

      CNNMoney‎ - 1 hour ago
      Supreme Court says health mandate's a tax ... In 2014, the penalty will be no more than $285 per family or 1% of income, whichever is greater.... In the coming months Obama and Romney will work hard to frame how voters ...
  2. Health bill says 'tax' when President Obama said 'not' - Chris ...

    www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/27384.htmlSep 21, 2009
    Obama says there won't be a tax increase with the new health care bill ... bill also refers to the penalties ...
  3. FLASHBACK: Obama says individual mandate not a tax [VIDEO ...

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  5. Flashback: Obama Says Individual Mandate Is Not A Tax, “I ...

    3 hours ago – Jimco on Flashback: Obama Says Individual Mandate Is Not A Tax....kept getting questioned by the court as to whether it was a tax or a fine.
  6. PolitiFact | Supreme Court upholds argument that "penalty" is a tax

    2 hours ago – "Obama said O-care mandate wasn't a taxNow Obama admin says it .... In its legal brief, the department says the penalty is also a tax because ...
  7. Obama Administration Calls Individual Mandate A Tax | Right Wing ...

    It's a mandate with a penalty (fine) that has the ultimate effect of a tax -except you won't be able to write it off? Lee. When is a tax not a tax? When Obama says so ...
  8. Barack Obama -- Tax Lies

    Obama says he's against reparations, but he's for "free money. .... and Democrats in Congress argued that a penalty for not carrying insurance is not a tax.
  9. Obama claims Individual Mandate is not a tax…Supreme Court ...

    1 hour ago – Flip-flopping is unsurprisingly common in politics and Thursday's Supreme Court ruling on the individual mandate is another example how the ...

    For progressives the ends are always justified by the means.
Lying and deceit are a politicans best tools after all.

The bill still remains very unpopular polling against at around 60% on average.

This makes it even more imperative to VOTE Obumbler out of office and take back the Senate.

In 2010 the healthcare debate "WOKE THE SLEEPING GIANT" we have to rally again to change the course of events and set America again on the RIGHT track.

We must stand for LIMITED GOVERNMENT by REDUCING it's SIZE and SCOPE, a complete overhaul of the TAX system, DEREGULATION in all sectors, REPEAL and REPLACE OBAMACARE, REPEAL DODD/FRANK, rein in SPENDING and BALANCE the BUDGET, deal with ENTITLEMENT REFORM, deal with the HUGE DEFICIT, TERM LIMITS on politicans, a realistic ENERGY plan, etc.

It is up to us folks - no one is going to come rescue us from our OWN FATE. 

This is IT!